Fear and negativity


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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
How do we deal with negativity in the healing process?

I receive questions on my website with the understanding that they may be posted anonymously with my responses here. This reader had been on my site reading some information about fear and spiritual protection. Since I wasn’t sure which pages she had read, my answers were a bit more general than would have been true had I known.

Question #1: In regards to fear & negativity & not doing rituals etc. to rid oneself of negativity/evil yet focusing on clearing ones space, is that because we need to evaluate why & what we are doing in are lifes that is allowing for the fear & negativity to sneak in?

Response: Without the specific article in front of me, I’m not sure I can respond to what I meant at a particular point but in general …

Fear is a teacher or a crippler, depending on how we respond to that sensation. There are levels of this vibrational frequency we call fear. A moment of fear from our body that causes us to move out of the way of an oncoming car is one level; Feeling fear and then infusing it with all the history and story we have around the particular reason for it at that moment is a crippling level. And if we infuse the fear and then tap into the collective mindset of fear (there is a gridline of story around fear that is energetic and massive – it’s possible, if we hang on to fear long enough, to get energized by that massive gridline), we find ourselves paralyzed with it.

Self-evaluation is sometime I am always aware of yet the tone of that has changed for me over the years. Instead of evaluating in terms of “what am I doing wrong” I evaluate by asking myself if there is an adjustment I want to make in this situation so fear will transmute. I leave who is right or wrong at the door, when it involves other people, and enter the room of my fear like a torpedo. A torpedo doesn’t find it’s target by going straight. As Maxwell Marx mentions in Psyhocybernetics, it finds it’s target by constantly going off course and adjusting. The torpedo doesn’t judge itself for a second about having to make these constant adjustments. If it were possible for the torpedo to sit in judgment of it’s design, it would fall from the air the second this judgment occurred. It’s more like dancing with the fear than fighting it, if that makes sense.

Question #2: U said you don’t do as much energy healing because it was, if im understanding correctly like a neediness on the others part & u’d be seeking out someone to heal all the time.i hope I’m understanding you correctly. If not please clarify.

Response: Again, not sure which article you were reading but in general…

I left the old hands on healing experience a few years back because it was too steeped in the paradigm of healer and the one needing healing. “Being of service” meant someone had to be in need for me to fulfill my mission. It was role-playing at it’s finest and the performer in me relished that paradigm, particularly when I was in the position of the giver. I was the one with something to give and the other was the one who needed it. How egotistical. It was the way it felt and I don’t apologize. I know that those drawn to me during that period were agreeing to the paradigm. They had to see themselves as needed something a session with me might provide, or they would not have called and asked for a session. Make sense? It was just what it was. It was the point in the consciousness for myself and those who came to me.

I’ve seen a lot shift in the energetic healing community in the past 10 years since I left. There have certainly been monumental shifts in my own awareness and level of consciousness. I can see there may be a way to come back now, not as someone who is “in service” to one that needs it but as someone who enjoys sitting in Sacred Presence with others and exploring the healing energy of connection. I suspect this new way may draw an entirely different type of person into my space now. It would invite those ready to simply allow the biblical principle of “where two or more are gathered” to be. Nothing needs to be done beyond that, though things may be done on a physical level. There may still be laying on of hands, there may still be prayer, there may still be emotional release. The difference is that the level of healing will be allowed rather than summoned or being directed by anyone in the flesh.

Question 3: My understanding is energy healing was somewhat of a negative experience if done all the time. Which makes me reconsider how i want to help others. Wouldn’t it be best to teach others how to heal themselfs instead of them depending on healing from a healer & being needy on the healer instead of learning how to harness energy themselves?

Response: If I AM walking my life in the way I desire, and I admit I am better at this some days than others, I am emitting energy healing every where I go all the time. It is only negative, in my experience, when I get this idea that I can direct that energy better than God. As a laying on of hands healer, without even realizing it, I held a position of wanting every person I touched to be healed. It’s not my call.

I believe part of the connection is about inviting empowering transmissions to the other, for their use as desired. That information might be transmitted verbally or visually in a class or might happen spontaneously in a session.

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