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In addition to the work I’ve done in health and wellness since the early 90’s, I’m also a film and television actress. That may seem like an unlikely mix but I find that the entire process of acting is so illuminating; it provides windows into our humanity and highlights the impact of stress, joy, love, hate, etc. in specific situations with varying degrees of clarity. Film stories add conversation to the world, about interesting and important aspects of life.

I was having a chat with a facebook friend who is also an actor/writer and working on a feature film concept. He asked me a couple of questions pertaining to acting that brought forth some interesting (at least to me, legend in my own mind and all of that) information. I’m just sharing the questions and answers here. Thanks Christoper for illuminating me to me.

1. What got you into acting?

I remember making up acted out scenes to go with songs long before MTV. I think that was the beginning. I heard a song and thought how it would look if it were really happening. I remember seeing my first play past the high school stuff we did. I remember sitting in the audience and watching the characters and thinking “I don’t believe him because….” or “I do believe her because…”. I was aware of whether or not they were taking me on the journey with them. That got me into theatre and then I got into film after attending a summer acting camp in New York.

2. Who has been the actor you liked/admired the most?

hmmmm, Who do I admire the most? I remember more in terms of moments than people. The scene in The Color Purple when they are dragging Celie off the porch and away from her sister; the scene in The Green Mile when Patricia Clarkson as the warden’s wife is telling John Coffee how he found her in the darkness (of course, I’m a fan of everything Patricia Clarkson does); several scenes in The Green Mile, actually. Percy, when the crazy murdering character played so chillingly well by Sam Rockwell grabs him through the prison bars, John Coffee when he says he wishes he’d never been born; the scene in the Bridesmaids when everyone is throwing up every where. I could go on and on.

It’s when everything comes together, writing, acting, directing, collaborating, for those magic moments that are unforgettable. Just fyi, I’m a big Sam Rockwell fan too; loved him as Beeblebrox in Hitchhiker’s Guide and such a different kind of crazy that was from the psychotic killer in The Green Mile, then there’s A Dangerous Man. On and on. He is always interesting to me, as is Patricia Clarkson.

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