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Finally Tried Upgraded Coffee and …

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted


I don’t remember who told me about a special way to make coffee. It’s called bulletproof coffee and a man named Dave Osprey kinda came up with it though different variations have been around. I suppose it is called bulletproof because it might make one feel invincible as far as energy goes. I have been drinking it the special way that makes it “bulletproof” for about a year now. I love it.

If you haven’t heard of it, this special way of making coffee involves using pure arabica beans (no cheap coffees or you certainly won’t get the jitterless energetic sustainment. One adds either coconut oil or grassfed organic butter like Kerrygold or both. Some spin in a blender for a whipped smooth drink. I just stir in and melt the coconut oil or butter. There’s more to it than that so just click the link in above paragraph to learn how to make it and how to NOT make it.

What I have noticed with coffee made the bulletproof way is a longer and more smooth, consistent energy and also clearer thinking. I had been drinking organic coffee like this and loving it but I always wanted to try the official Upgraded Coffee that Dave Osprey sells, because I wondered if there would be a difference. I only recently did try it because it’s expensive and I hadn’t had the money before. I got an amazon gift card and I thought, heck, I’m gonna try the upgraded.

I have to be honest here. I wasn’t expecting a cancer warning label on my coffee but that’s how it came. Apparently, because of Prop 65, almost everything needs to carry a “may cause cancer” warning. That gave me pause but once I read up on Prop 65, I saw how blow out of proportion it all was.

The upgraded coffee ROCKS. If I could afford to pay $20 for a bag of coffee, I’d drink it all the time. I noticed a definite increase in energy over what the normal bulleproof energy had been for me. It was really, really nice. I went all day and felt so good at the end of the day.

So, if you can afford it, splurge and get the original upgraded coffee and see if you don’t notice a difference. I sure did.

Upgraded Coffee Review
Reviewed by Neva Howell.
Dave Osprey’s Bulletproof Coffee
My review of upgraded coffee

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