6/3 Generator off the roof

6/3 Generator off the roof

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Generator 6/3 Awakening

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an HD expert. I am sharing my own journey of the past few years, into the 6/3 Generator Profile experience. If you have positive information to add, please contact me. I’m happy to be educated on points that are still unclear to me. If you have negative information to share, please keep it to yourself. And if you think this post is just mind games, feel very free to just move on. Thanks.

With each new day that I awaken, say my gratitude affirmations and get out of bed, I find my soul dancing a little lighter on the earth. It’s such a joy and blessing. I spent so many heavy years here. It was by soul design, a sort of trial and error hiphop, herky-jerky rhythm.

I am now ready to two-step into the position for which I was born. No. I am dancing into it already. The fit feels good. 60 looks quite young to me now.

Yep, I’m late by Ra standards. Shoulda already been down off the roof and in the role model position by now. That’s ok. At least I made it. I didn’t die up there. Who knows how long I have to stand in this role model position but at least I AM there now. A sense of satisfaction wells up in this sacral being.

Human Design has explained myself to me, as if it were a book written for me. Indeed, I suppose that is what it is. Ra was able, within his own challenges, to bring about some information that is so helpful! I understand sacral authority now. I may not yet be a master but I AM a master of trial and error and finding what works.

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