What I Learned From Candy Crush

I confess, I play Candy Crush…

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Even a Jelly Can be a Teacher

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Do you play Candy Crush?

It’s a game I found through a facebook link. I confess to playing it when I’m bored. Candy Crush is fun at times but other times, I’d be better off getting up and doing something more productive with my time. That is what it is until it’s something else.

I learned something spiritually significant from this game a few months ago. I was playing and realized, just looking at the jellies left, that there was no way I could win with the plays I had remaining. I ended the game and started over.

Prior to that, I would just play it out like a good little 6/3 Generator should (by “good little generator” I’m referring to that voice in my own head that so often drives me to complete whatever I enter into, correct or not. I think Ra said that those with profile would go “to the bitter end.”)

I love this. If the game is not working for me, whether I’m playing the game of Candy Crush or the game called “I am a secretary”, I can end it and start over. My design is what it is (I chose it so unless I renegotiate that design contract, it’s what I have for operations on earth in this body) and in the design I chose, I’ll always feel that pressure to complete.

However, I do not have to bow to that “finish what you started” pressure and mindset. I can see it, sense it, and choose to wait for a strong and noticable sacral response. I can see this applying to so many situations now.

If you are unfamiliar with Human Design and what it means to be a human design generator, just google it. You’ll find a lot of information but I warn you, it’s a LOT of information and some of those who hold it since Ra’s passing charge a very high fee to explain it to you.

So far, I have not paid to have an in depth reading. If you choose to do so, I’d play with the main tenets (profile and authority) for a while before doing so.

You can get a free Human Design Chart and learn a little about it by going to any of the links I’ve listed at the top of this article but I can’t really recommend a good reader since I haven’t taken that step myself.

I did have a brief consult with John Martin and I found it incredibly helpful. He’s very entertaining, doesn’t pull punches and I like him. As he says on more than one of his videos, though, he’s not for everyone. John Martin channel on youtube

I’m also part of a human design group on facebook that is led by ReGina Concotelli and I like her perspective. There are several human design groups on facebook that you might want to check out if you find yourself interested after getting your free human design chart. You’ll find Candy Crush there on fb as well, of course. What spiritual lessons might you glean from playing the game?

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