Generator Trial and Error

Life showing me what I don’t want

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

What a difference a day makes

24 hours ago, I had two jobs. Today, I have none.

I learned a lot this past 24 hours about what I don’t want and what I do want. However, the bad news is that I seem to need to learn this over and over. It’s certainly not the first time this lesson has crossed my plate.

As someone with a Human Design profile of 6/3 Generator, I kinda get it but that doesn’t make it any easier. Trial and error. Try it all, see what works and what doesn’t work. I get it but damn.

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PLEASE NOTE: I am not an HD expert. I am sharing my own journey of the past few years, into the 6/3 Generator Profile experience. If you have positive information to add, please contact me. I’m happy to be educated on points that are still unclear to me. If you have negative information to share, please keep it to yourself. And if you think this post is just mind games, feel very free to just move on. Thanks.

I’m certainly still a newbie when it comes to understanding the Human Design system for remembering who I am and why I’m here on the little blue ball this time around. Having said that, the 6/3 profile made a lot of sense to me. I can clearly see that one reason I keep getting what I don’t want is that I keep entering situations incorrectly. What is so much harder to see is how to stop.

I’ve lived about 58 of my 60 years as a Manifestor. It didn’t work. So. The past two years have been about attempting to honor my human design as a generator in a world that still behaves as if everyone is a Manifestor, or should be a Manifestor.

So, here’s what happened. I went for a job interview because it was available, not because it was correct. I was hired on the spot. I felt my entire body recoil and spent 24 hours in dread at the prospect of actually showing up for this job. At the midnight hour, so to speak, I got a call from the company. That shift had been cancelled. Whew … and at the same time … I need money!

During the same 24 hour period another line I had cast out into the world, initiating, came in with a bite and an offer for another position. That position, though it had a lot to interest me, also came with a strong set of issues and challenge that did not feel good to me. One thing I seem to be getting better at is choosing more honest partners for the trial and error experiments. The people on the other end of this job offer were honest, direct and appreciative of spiritual guidance. This made the decision to release that job easier for me.

So, 24 hours later, I am still unemployed. The pressure to “get a job” is almost unbearable at times. What a world we live in. Yet, I know there is another world a breath away, just a bandwidth of frequency away from the desperation of the work-a-day world. My true trial and error experiment involves bandwidth and frequency. It has nothing to do with me finding something or creating something for work. Once again, I say to myself “get that through your head, once and for all.”

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