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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Health Concerns after two doses of Omnitrition products

A friend of mine purchased the Omni B12 drops and Omni IV put out by an MLM company called Omnitrition but never used them. I asked her if I could try them, because I wanted a good B12 supplement and I also was interested in the Omni IV for joint health.

After taking one dose of both, I woke the next day with heart palpitations. Strong heart palpitations. However, I did not immediately connect it with the Omni products. I wondered if it was something in the Omni IV product so I quit taking that but continued with the B12.

The heart palpitations increased to the point that I was concerned about my well-being. I did some research online and came across one review that mentioned the HCG in the Omni products. I had not even realized that the B12 formula contained HCG but when I checked the bottle, bingo, there it is.

I would not have taken the product if I had known it contained HCG.

I cannot recommend this product for anyone, based on the experiences I’ve had. I haven’t taken any more and will not take any more of these products. I caution anyone who takes them, stop immediately if you experience heart palpitations. I’m still having them. This is NOT good.

Here’s a Omni Nutrition Products review I found that also referenced rapid heartbeat and other concerns for cardiovascular health if taking HCG.

What is HCG?

This is a hormone that is present when a woman becomes pregnant and that increases during pregnancy. Otherwise, it isn’t present, from what I’ve read at webmd. HCG can also appear in the case of cancer. Just on the face of the two facts that it isn’t really present unless a woman is pregnant and it can be caused by cancer … I don’t think I want to ingest it. Again, I would never have taken the Omni drops if I’d known they contained HCG.

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