My Perfect Life

I can see it

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

#myperfectlife #abundance #off-grid

Healthy Choices Privacy Policy
Healthy Choices Disclaimer

by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Perfect Life Becons

I can see it. My perfect life.

In my perfect life, I’m living in an off-grid, cute and funky, tiny house. It has lots of bright colors, a composting toilet, a solar shower, an underground flower pot refrigerator and a big, comfy bed. I saw it clearly and even drew a diagram of it.

It exists because I see it, even if it isn’t here in physical form, in my reality yet.

In my perfect life, I live on wooded land, with running water nearby. It is quiet and peaceful but within 30 to 40 minutes drive of everything I need, including entertainment, spiritual connections and creative endeavors. There is running water nearby or I’ve created that effect with fountains. Somehow, there is the soothing sound and view of running water.

In my perfect life, I own a converted van or camper that I travel in, which is fully self-contained so that wherever I go, I carry all I need with me for sleeping, eating, living. My converted van or camper has a nice mattress, a little fridge, a hot plate and a good water filter pitcher.

Between my funky tiny houses and my van, I am living very lightly on the earth and having wonderful experiences being portable or near portable in my life.

If I want to go visit friends, I carry my bed with me and can be completely private wherever I am staying. I can stay overnight in campgrounds when I go for auditions, and not have to sleep in some noisy and chemically scented hotel room.

In my perfect life, I create abundance through the natural inclinations and joys of my heart. Whatever flows from me, creatively, supports me financially with grace and ease.

I follow my sacral response as a human design generator and it gives me such blessed ease of decisions. It’s either yes or no and I’m done with it.

My mind does what it does best. When I make a decision, I turn over the sequence of actions to the mind for logical planning.

My emotions do not lead me. My sacral authority keeps me connected to my spiritual core and best path in every moment.

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PLEASE NOTE: I am not an HD expert. I am sharing my own journey of the past few years, into the 6/3 Generator Profile experience. If you have positive information to add, please contact me. I’m happy to be educated on points that are still unclear to me. If you have negative information to share, please keep it to yourself. And if you think this post is just mind games, feel very free to just move on. Thanks.

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