Settling for Misalignment

Noticing little ways I have settled for or adjusted to a misalignment

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Healthy Choices Privacy Policy
Healthy Choices Disclaimer

by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Message of the Chair that Leans:

This chair I’m sitting in leans to the right. Makes my body lean also, unnaturally. What else in my life leans me unnaturally? How long has the chair been doing that? How long have I been sitting at a lean to the right without stopping to notice. My hip is feeling this little chair lean – think I’ll get offline and see if there’s a simple fix…..

It isn’t always that I lean unnaturally but I think it happens more than I would have initially suspected. It seems to depend on where my focus is at the moment and it seems a little too easy for me to dismiss physical discomfort because of work or some other distraction of my sensese.

At various times, I have allowed resistance to contort my body, to lean me away from my core balance. Sometimes the lean comes from repelling away from something or shifting to the left or right of something or even from trying to rise above something that still has me bound by the mind. Interesting progression with this chair thing – Tried to fix the chair and it’s unfixable.

So much in life can be that way too … broken and needing to be let go of. Patching it up isn’t an option anymore. It needs to be recycled or trashed and something new brought in to replace it. However, even after we replace a faulty chair, or belief, or relationship, or job, we can still feel as if we are leaning out of balance.

In this case, I moved to another chair but my body still feels as if it’s leaning to the right, even though it’s not. I see a correlation there with any significant life shift – I often feel as if I am still in the old space when that’s actually just a memory. I am opening to balance within myself. That seems to be a soul focus for me now.

I have noticed that every story (whether happy or unhappy) that I drag into my now repeatedly creates wonkiness. Hey, I’ll just 2-point that to be Willy Wonkiness, ha. 2-pointing is a Matrix Energetics term

Update: Second day sitting in a chair that no longer leans unnaturally to the right. So interesting … my body still feels leaned, as if it is still leaning to the right even though it is not leaning to the right now. I am noticing how long it can take my body to adjust to a shift that has already happened and deciding it is important to be patient with myself when shifting things in my life, whether it’s a chair, a habit, a thought pattern or a belief system.

Now, if I were to be talking about “childhood” chairs, that may be a different conversation entirely. It is not about simply dropping story from attention. It’s about moving into a new vibrational bandwidth, where the story does not exist. Perhaps, not everyone is at a place to do that. That’s kind of the positive thinking trap sometimes – just thinking doesn’t make it so. Denying suppressed feelings from childhood, such as unexpressed anger, resentment, pain and fear, only creates more isolation from the inner essence.

I was expressing more about organic cellular memory and habit and how our body, in it’s density compared to our formless selves outside the body, may lag behind conscious shifts. At least, that’s my experience. I certainly looked at and repaired many childhood chairs, with healers and in support groups. it was all valuable and valid … and I’m in a new place with it all now.

Vibrational bandwidth – Just as we tune a radio to the right frequency or a tv to the correct channel, there is a frequency or vibrational bandwidth to energy, thoughts, prayers, manifestations, etc. Matching a vibrational bandwidth can be helpful or non-progressive. Often we are a match to a lower frequency than the soul desires, due to traumas or unresolved human experiences.

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