Can people be possessed?

Is Evil Possession Real?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The dark side of the Light journey

If you are in the spiritual community very long, and interacting with a broad enough range of belief systems and spiritual paradigms, you will meet those who will tell you they see “dissonant Spirits” around you. They may or may not see this. I know that thoughts have energy and energy fields around people are sometimes very chaotic and even potent with anger, fear, guilt, rage and other negative vibrational bandwidths.

I do not rule out the potential that there are ghosts or demons but I have noticed that those who focus on the fear of that would be vibrating at an attractive frequency to draw the experience to them. The complexity of reasons, from a soul perspective, that draw experience is such that I can never judge why someone has an experience. I believe we choose our experiences, at some level that may be subconscious, instinctive and deeply intwined with the whole of our personal journey.

At various points in my spiritual journey of healing and awakening, I’ve had disturbing periods of anxiety and fear of the unknown realms and over whether I was actually a good person or whether I was pretending to be. I also had periods of time, when first introduced to Shamanic Experiences and when first becoming an energetic healer, when I saw the darker, or shadow side, of the human experience a little too closely for any kind of soul comfort.

I remember a time when I met my first ghost buster. I mean, by that, someone who dedicates their lives to clearing people’s energy fields of ghosts, demons, dark entities, etc. I had never really thought about any of that when I started waking up in a spiritual sense. For me, when I awakened, I imagined a life full of Light, only light. The reality was that I saw more dark than I ever knew was possible and the I came to a common and popular perception that it was either/or. I assumed polarity and separation (good/evil) rather than noticing shadings of Light. I became overwhelmed with the possibility of demonic beings capable of possessing people, possessing me.

I also went through a period where I wondered if it was all a lie, all the spiritual knowing I felt I was amassing. Some 30 years later, I see that it mostly was a lie. That’s the cosmic joke of spiritual awakening, the almost continual dropping of the story and lie at each new level and realizing how much the ego has still defined life for me.

The Angels smile and the Soul laughs but my egoistic personality screams “What the hell?” Most of the fabrication and story was comprised of whatever made me feel safe and helped me feel as if I had some sort of handle on life. I went through times when I was almost obsessed with this idea that I was being fooled by spirituality, taken on a ride in the opposite direction from Truth, only for my soul to be lost in the end.

In doing metaphysical festivals and fairs, I naturally met people who were focused on clearing dark energies. They assured me that possession happens and urged me to protect myself in various ways including smudging and calling in protective Spirits. During the beginning of my immersion into awareness of other realms and realities, this fear of possession and being spiritually fooled really got to me.

It was as if I was in fear of fear itself. In other words, to experience fear was a threat to my sense of myself as a spiritually strong individual. Random thoughts of doing things that were just wrong would float through my mind and I’d think I might be possessed. I didn’t realize at the time that my entrance into Shamanic realms and ALL THAT IS naturally opened me to the full spectrum of the human experience and that I was open to Light and Dark thought simultaneously because I had fear and unhealed, suppressed pain that allowed connection to that bandwidth of thinking.

There are only shades of Light. In the beginning was God. Some shades are quite dark and frightening and confusing. Some shades are what we call “evil”. I’ve learned to recognize when I label an experience, a person, or a happening as bad. I realize, more and more, that the shades of Light we explore here on earth only really have true meaning when viewed from a soul perspective. The human of me may always tend to see polarity and duality.

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