Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Advance Notice Helpful!

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Advance Notice of Mercury Retrograde Helpful!

I do believe this is the first time I’ve known #mercury was going into #retrograde beforehand. I always seem to say “what the heck is going on” and have someone then tell me “we’re in retrograde.” It has been very helpful to know this planetary alignment was coming this time.

For those who don’t believe the alignment of the planets affects our bodies, please disregard. Not at all interested in a debate on astrology. Thanks! For the rest of you, OK, #mercuryretrograde started August 30 and continues to September 23, 2016. My one strong advice … Say what you mean and mean what you say. Of course, that would be good advice any time … however, in my experience, one of the things that happens when mercury influences me is miscommunication. I will think I’m being perfectly clear but the other person somehow hears something other than what I meant.

It has already made a huge difference for me this time, just being aware. I asked questions that I normally wouldn’t ask today and it turns out, yes, there was a mistake in communication that may have taken weeks to iron out in the future. By understanding that the energy is different right now, and that clarity is paramount, I was able to avert what could have been a very aggravating situation today. Don’t assume that everyone has done their job correctly. Ask questions about what affects you.

Update, September 8: I’m a week into #mercuryretrograde and I am surfing the wave tons better than I have in the past. Taking care of a lot of loose ends and practicing patience. Just looking around my life and saying, what needs to be cleaned up, finished, transitioned, healed, let go of, surrendered. Would I rather be really really busy? Yeah. But I also know that barging ahead, while dragging the energy of a lot of unfinished business behind me, would not be productive so settling in to the energy of finishing, evaluating and reflecting.A few of the #mercuryretrograde exercises I’ve been doing to utilize this special time of non-action: I’m going through my closet tonight and deciding what I want to give away or sell, I have been evaluating how I’m making decisions and noticing when I’m choosing from a place of fear or lack rather than joy and abundance and looking closely at how I’m spending my day and making adjustments as needed for a more aligned and spiritually centered experience. I’m also learning to be more direct and focused with my communications with others. In short, I’m looking at every aspect of my life, clearing out what needs to go and finishing up what needs to be completed now.

and … I continue to notice that every single time there is a communication, no matter how clear and heart-centered I may think I’m being, there is a period of misunderstanding and adjustment. Best to save important conversations til Mercury goes direct but sometimes that isn’t possible so I’m considering it a possible exercise in futility but something I’m exploring … can a clear message be sent in #mercuryretrograde or will it always land garbled on the other end?

Since mercury went retrograde this time, I’ve had a major snafu with some paperwork that I probably wouldn’t have caught in time to save some tedious straightening out later. I caught it because I was aware of the need to be clear in communication and to see if others were on the same page.

I’ve also had several near misses on the road. I’ve had someone back out right in front of me, pull out right in front of me, etc. A friend of mine actually had an accident. I’ve had trouble meeting up with folks, I’ll get the time wrong or they will, etc.

I believe God set all these things in the sky for a reason and that it is one way we can be nudged toward a specific focus that may be helpful. I consider #mercuryinretrograde to be just a time when God says to slow down, look at what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, to notice how we communicate and when to focus more on how we’re doing things, where we’re going and what we really need.

Update, September 11: I just spent two days revamping my website. That was a job I had not done in three years and there were lots of coding changes. I am evaluating whether to keep maintaining the site as a reference and as a way to bring in some income through advertising. However, the loose end I needed to tie up was to update coding and validate so my site had a fighting chance to make money. #mercuryretrograde is the perfect time for me to work on that and look at that for the future.

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