Celebration Year

Celebration Year

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A Spiritual Experiment with Focus

There is an element of spiritual resonance that suggests what you dwell on, increases. For example, if one dwells on fearful thoughts about all the bad things that might happen, that tends to bring more bad things into the field. If one dwells on negativity, it seems more and more negative events and people come into one’s experience.

On the other hand, there have been many books written about the power of gratitude and thinking grateful thoughts. It is believed, and reported by those who practice gratitude on a daily basis, that gratitude thinking brings more to be grateful for in one’s experience.

I was considering this in my birthday month. The idea to celebrate something every day, for an entire year, came from a chance meeting with a grocery store clerk that lit me up for days. She was saying that her family did not just celebrate birthdays on the day, but for the whole week. I thought, hmmm, what if celebrated my birthday for the whole month?

From there, I wondered …. what if I found something to celebrate, every day for an entire year? What might that change in my life experience. So, I began.

It’s been a challenge. Some days, when everything seemed to be going wrong, the only things I could find to celebrate were that I was alive, I was breathing, I had food, I had a bed to sleep in, etc. Of course, these things are celebratory. They are also not what one thinks of when they think of celebrating something.

So that was the first gift of this experience. Some days, I had to look beyond external conditions to find something to celebrate and it illumined for me, just how often I take health and safety and having food to eat for granted.

I am intriqued by this spiritual experiement and don’t know if I’ll be able to actually do it for an entire year but I’m gonna give it my best go because the benefits are already stacking up. I have more focus on what’s good in my life, I have a focus on finding what’s good, and I see more good as a result.

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