Baltic Amber for Carpal Tunnel

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Baltic Amber for Wrist Pain

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I’ve done a LOT of typing, most days, for a number of years. In addition, I frequently have to drive for hours, for acting assignments. As a result, I’ve developed a lot of wrist pain over the years. I have had chronic wrist pain in areas of the carpal tunnel, ulna nerve, and cubital nerve. At times, the pain has been so bad that I could not sleep because I could not find a comfortable position that would ease the wrist pain.

My sister told me about baltic amber. In all my years as a holistic health coach, I had somehow never heard of it. One of the main uses for it recently is teething. The baltic amber apparently really reduces teething pain. Of course, I wanted to know if it would help carpal tunnel or other wrist pain.

Turns out, it helps the pain tremendously. I was bowled over, in fact, by the results. I’ve written a review on baltic amber on my website. If you suffer from any kind of wrist pain, or any other kind of pain that has inflammation at it’s root, you may well appreciate the benefits of wearing baltic amber jewelry.

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