My Celebration Month Continues

Finding something to celebrate every day for a month

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My Celebration Month, the first 15 days

I made a conscious decision to celebrate something every day for a year, as a spiritual practice. I am still trying to do that but not posting every day. However, I did post something for 30 days on facebook, just to help instill the habit. I sometimes found it a challenging practice but spiritually enriching. I feel I have grown in this practice and invite you to consider consciously looking for something to rejoice in each day for a month.

The first 15 days of this spiritual practice are here if you want to start from the beginning.

Celebration Month, Day 16: This morning, I woke up grateful and celebrating the fact that when I hit that pothole yesterday and my tire went flat and the rim got bent, it happened close to home and also, five seconds before another car was coming down the narrow road in the other direction, also going too fast for the narrow space.

This morning, I thought back on how close that other car had been when I careened back onto the road. I realize how close a bigger accident was and how much worse it could have all been.

Celebrating the divinely orchestrated near miss and acknowledging the warning … don’t be trying to get something over in the seat while you should be paying attention to the road, Neva. Message received.

Celebration Month, Day 17: When I can’t find an outward reason to celebrate (instead, today, I’m dealing with flat tire and bent tire rim, I have no new jobs or interviews, no fun visits with friends or family and couldn’t get there right now if there were, etc.) I remember to celebrate Life. I woke up this morning. I’m safe. I am breathing. I am healthy. I am loved. I celebrate being alive, even when the day doesn’t seem to hold much that will be fun.

Celebration Month, Day 18: I was a total ass today. There is really no other way to put it. It started when I was told that a store was not honoring a clearly advertised discount and spiraled from there. I got confused about my total and insisted on a recount. I was rude to the cashier, people in line had to wait because of me. TOTAL ASS.

OK, I own that. Now, what’s to celebrate in this scenario, I asked myself as I left the store. The answer came a little while later. Right action. There is always some right action that one can take to help soothe and heal damage done. I went to another store and purchased some cute Halloween cupcakes. Then, I went back to the store, sought out the cashier and offered a very humble and sincere apology, along with my gift.

After I left the store, I did the Ho?oponopono prayer for all those people in line who had to wait because of me. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you. So, I celebrate the grace inherent in being able to find right action today because if I’d had to leave it as it was, I wouldn’t feel celebratory, I’d feel ashamed.

Celebration Month, Day 19: My right signal light went out. I’m assuming the flat tire bump I had a few days ago caused a fuse to blow or something to come loose. I’m celebrating the fact that I know a fella who can fix it and who will not overcharge to do it. In fact, I’m celebrating the hard-working guys and gals who know how to fix things! Thank goodness for those folks cause I’m beyond clueless on automotive issues.

Celebration Month, Day 20: Today, I had my second cup of coffee out on the porch. There was that distinct “crisp” feel of fall in the air. Sun shining. Celebrating those rare, perfect fall days.

Celebration Month, Day 21: Today, I celebrate having true friends in the film industry. It can be a brutal place, but having a few folks who care and get how challenging this business can be, wow, that makes all the difference. Toasting my fellow actors and creative artists! You rock my world!!!!

Celebration Month, Day 23: I am celebrating my paranoia today (not anyone else’s; that’s an individual experience) because it shows me where I lack faith. It also alerts me to those moments when I have tapped into the collective consciousness of fear rather than the ever-abiding vibration of Divine Love.

Celebration Month, Day 24: I’m celebrating courage today. Sometimes, the thing that requires courage may seem so big to the person facing it while, to the outside world, it seems so small a thing. Here’s to those victories of courage that those living outside a situation may never understand … the big things, the little things that seem big, all of it. Those times when we have to find something, some way, to move forward and transcend what we are afraid of doing, or saying, or seeing, or facing.

Celebration Month, Day 25: This is the first day of my birthday week and one of my promises to myself was to give myself a gift every day for a week. Today, organic potato chips, 4 bags full… well, 3 1/2 bags now. Yum. Happy Birthday to me! Also, today I’m celebrating the value of distraction. You always hear we should never let anything distract us from our goals or dreams but I say, one can focus on a thing so long that the ability to even know what one is looking at diminishes. Sometimes, a little distracting activity is just what the success doctor ordered.

Celebration Month, Day 26: Celebrating free gifts. It is day two of my birthday week and I plan to treat myself to a few minutes of Sacred Silence with Braco.

Celebration Month, Day 27: Today, I’m celebrating my recent discovery of baltic amber. I’d never heard of it for chronic pain. My sister knew someone who used it so she told me about it and I ordered two bracelets straight away. I’m amazed. I was so favorably impressed that I wrote a review on it I wore the bracelets on my last trip to Atlanta. Driving is particularly hard on my wrists but this trip, no worries. Love it. This is also day three of my birthday week and I’m having trouble thinking of a gift to give myself…. I’ll be back.

I went to a store and walked through, looking for some gift to celebrate the third day of my birthday week. I found nothing. I came away initially disappointed. However, I now see. My gift to myself today is that I don’t really need anything. What a blessing. No, wait, it was more than that. Not only do I not really need anything, there wasn’t much there that I even wanted. There are things I want, yes. I want a piece of land with a tiny house on it. I want some dental work. But, in general, there isn’t much I “want” anymore. Now, that’s a real blessing.

Celebration Month, Day 28: Didn’t have to look far for something to celebrate this morning. I’m celebrating friendship and the power of prayer. The issue I face may not be resolved but I feel stronger knowing others are thinking of me and sending good thoughts and prayers. I thank you all and I consider that my birthday gift on day four of my birthday week.

Celebration Month, Day 29: I am celebrating the lottery today. I have never gotten more than two numbers right but the thing I’m celebrating is that there is such a thing. There is the real possibility of everything changing overnight. I’m celebrating possibility. My lottery ticket is my gift to me on my fourth day of the week of my birth, as a reminder that miracles happen and anything is possible.

Celebration Month, Day 30: I find myself doubting I’ll be able to keep this resolution of conscious celebration alive for a whole year. My birthday is tomorrow so I think that might be my final celebration year post, though I intend to keep looking for something to be glad about every day. Today has been tough. I’ve gotten stuck in that useless mind game of comparing where I think I want to be with where I actually am. The gap between where I am and a reality where I have, in a practical sense, some degree of financial ease and grace and flow seems very big today, despite all the positives of recent months. So, as I’ve done before, I will fall back on the basics. I celebrate that I’m alive, I have food to eat, I have good health, I have people who love me, I have people I love. I guess the real question I should be asking myself is why I need to look for more than that to celebrate?

Celebration Month, Day 31: My birth day. I just listened to what is going on Dakota Access Pipeline Protest and I wonder, God, what will I find to celebrate today? I know. In tears, I still celebrate that 11 year old girl, that Elder, that Horse. I celebrate the people who are holding out what may the last stronghold of the people against further poisoning of our planet. I celebrate them, I pray for them. It’s my birthday … and … the gift I’d love most (for me as well as All My Relations) would be for our government to stop their unlawful, cruel and vicious attacks on private land.

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