Happy New Year 2017

What will the New Year Bring?

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What will 2017 bring humanity?

Update: We are now well into 2018. Looking back at my feelings of last year, I don’t see much to allay the concern I felt then.

I was in deep shock, as were many, when Trump won the election. I, like many others, sit in anxious concern about when he takes office (and control of our country) in a few short weeks. At the time, I was one of those internet surfers who helped crash the Canadian immigration website. I was ready to leave my home, over this one event.

Over time, as is typical of being in third-dimensional reality, my resolve to leave has met with the density of attempting to move a body to a new place on the earth. I think this density may be why people spend decades of their lives in jobs that do not support them on any level past financial support.

So, what does 2017 look like for you? For me, it follows my most productive year as an actor since I became one back in the 80’s. In about three months time, I booked more work than I had in a decade previous. The past few months… nothing.

For me, 2017 has more potential and more peril than any year I remember.

The potential is unlimited if enough of us choose joy, peace, laughter, love, grace and ease.

The peril is unlimited if enough of us choose fear, hate, war, sadness and resistance.

2017 is a clean slate, with tremendous and urgent energy.

It will definitely define the United States as a country, it’s citizens as participants in the human experience, and the American experience overall. The American dream may have it’s biggest proponent i office but it maybe success at a species-ending level. In other words, the American Dream as realized by the Trump administration may signal the creation of “cesspool of the earth” status for the United States.

If the Trump administration undoes the work of Obama and other to protect American water, soil and air, we may find ourselves in a black situation as well as the books go … we may find ourselves financially solvent but the cost in human lives and quality of life in the future may be more than any American can stand to look at or support. Those who can move away, probably will. Those forced by financial lack to stay, will be slowly dying.

So, is there another potential? Oh, the answer is continually yes but will we choose it?

I feel a bit like David Copperfield … it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Only we, as the human family, can lean that prediction one way or the other.

I choose to lean toward the best of times, though I realize that getting there may take us through the worst of times.

So what can help?

There is incredible, supernatural energy available in these troubling times. It seems too simple to even contemplate but the reality is that one soul, dedicated to the higher vision, can shift a multitude of souls still stuck in the mire or media and media-controlled perception.

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