Joy for no reason

Joy that springs from within

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What “makes” you happy?

I’ve been attempting to practice a simple yet profound teaching I got on New Years Eve from Sadhguru, to take note of how much joy I feel and share in a day. Each night as I go to bed, I’ve been asking his suggested question … Did I feel more joy today than yesterday?

Sometimes, the answer is no and I look at where joy was more absent. Sometimes, the answer is yes and I look at what was different that day. Like Sadhguru, I believe God created us to be joyful creatures. I believe it is our natural state. Getting back to that is a journey I feel is worth taking.

It’s not that the words of Sadhguru contain new information for me… One of the most challenging premises I’ve embraced as a spiritual being is that happiness is an inside job.

It is astounding to me, how many times I look outside for something to “make me feel happy”. It’s so tempting. It’s such a quick fix because I can always find something.

Being joyful, from within, without regard for what may be going on in my life or in the world at the moment, as a choice that isn’t dependent on any outside circumstance … now, that’s a deep travel.

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