Embracing your human design

Embracing who you are

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Society doesn’t cater to individual expression

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an HD expert. I am sharing my own journey of the past few years, into the 6/3 Generator Profile experience. If you have positive information to add, please contact me. I’m happy to be educated on points that are still unclear to me. If you have negative information to share, please keep it to yourself. And if you think this post is just mind games, feel very free to just move on. Thanks.

It was probably first or second grade when I realized … oh … I can’t be myself here.

At first, I thought I just couldn’t be myself in school. OK. So, conform. Do the basically meaningless assignments, feeling no life connection to the information whatsoever. Make the good grade. That’s the game here.

But after grade school, or actually during that period, I began to realize that the conditioning went far further than just the structure of school. As I went through the years of schooling and then went into the work force, I realized that school was just a foreshadowing of the bigger world. I didn’t fit there either.

It took about six decades before I realized that who I AM does not fit in the “way things are”.

I am just now beginning to embrace that who I AM is not negotiable. I am just now beginning to live my life in a way that is in alignment with my design. I came here, to earth, to have a specific type of interaction with life energy.

I became aware of a collection of information known as human design, a few years ago. When I read about my own profile, 6/3 Generator, wow. I saw myself in almost every sentence. I knew that this was, for me, true information. Get Your Free Human Design Chart

Since then, I’ve been striving to live according to my 6/3 Generator design. It has not been easy but, then again, the years before I discovered human design were hell so ….

I’m willing to play with this information, this human design structure. It feels more like me than anything I’ve experienced before. That’s enough proof for me that it’s something worthy of exploration.

I’m still quite a newbie with human design and haven’t gone much further than gathering the basics of my own profile and that of a few of my friends and family. Getting a chart for a friend or family member has helped me understand them in a way that no other information has done.

So, my profile is Pure Generator with Spleen Defined. Generators are designed to let life come to them and to respond to invitations to which they receive what is called a Sacral Yes. This is, of course, at odds with how all the success books say to live. They say go and make something happen, go get what you want, etc. but Generators are not designed to initiate. Manifestors are designed that way, which makes me wonder if the majority of those how to books are written by unaware manifestors.

The sacral response has voice for most generators and it works like this. An invitation comes, for dinner, a job, a relocation, a relationship, etc. If it’s in alignment for that generator, they will get a body response that is usually accompanied by uh huh or unh unh, yes or no. The only invitations a generator should ever say yes to are those that produce a sacral yes. In my case, when the spleen is defined, that yes is very much in the moment.

The challenge I’ve had was trusting that almost instantaneous yes or no. If I hesitate, and go up into my mind or go into emotional feeling, I get confused and then cannot tell if I really had a yes or not.

It’s a learning curve. I also have undefined centers that cause me to be subject to being influenced by those around me. I am learning as I go.

Get Your Free Human Design Chart

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