Best antivirals for herpes

Natural antiviral substances for HSV

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Chapter 3: The Best Antivirals for Herpes

Please read part 1: Managing Herpes

and Part 2: A theory about HSV

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information shared in this e-book is educational in nature and not intended to replace any needed medical testing or attention. The medical industry says there is no cure for herpes. The holistic practitioner believes that nature provides nutritional support for the body to heal itself of any condition. Making the choice to self-treat requires self-responsibility. If you are not willing to be responsible for choices you make regarding this material, this is not the resource for you. There is a potential for a temporary healing crisis, to achieve core-level healing. If you are not willing to accept this potential, this is not the book for you. And finally, if you have an autoimmune system disorder, you need to check with your doctor before applying this plan to combat herpes.

The following is a list of supplements having antiviral properties which, used in rotation and long term, may weaken the ability of HSV to emerge again. A lot of these won’t be new to you if you’ve been looking for a herpes remedy. What is new is the length of time and the idea of rotating every few weeks so the virus can’t adapt.

Most people I counsel only try one or two of these herpes remedies, and usually only for a few days to a few weeks. Taking them only when you feel an outbreak coming on doesn’t do much to bolster the system against future outbreaks. I believe you will see better results going longer, rotating between supplements and being vigilant to restart routine at first recurring symptom. To avoid being overwhelmed by taking all of them, I suggest rotating between the anti-herpes combos below. The point is to continually support your body, not just when it has an outbreak.

Holistic Supplement Combo # 1: Lysine and Vitamin C

Lysine – 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg, depending on how much you can tolerate. If you notice stomach upset, you might try starting at lower dosage or taking with more water. Please note that lysine may cause constipation, sometimes severe, so it’s important to hydrate and consider taking stool softeners or natural laxatives if constipation occurs. Taking probiotics or eating organic yogurt with live cultures will be helpful for relieving constipation and also for maintaining a healthy bowel. Large doses of lysine may trigger acid reflux in people prone to it. Lysine may also cause hot flashes in peri-menopausal or menopausal women.

Vitamin C – 5,000 mg a day. If you can stand the straight ascorbic acid powder, mixed in juice, that’s best delivery system. I actually like the tart taste. If taking pills, make sure it is natural vitamin c and get one that is buffered if you have any gastrointestinal issues. You may also want to avoid Vitamin C formulas that include Hesperidin as this acts as an outbreak trigger for some people. I do not know why. I’d recommend pure ascorbic acid powder.

Dr. Linus Pauling swore by the combination of Lysine and Vitamin C for cardiovascular health so in addition to the effect against HSV your heart may benefit from the Lysine and Vitamin C regimen as well. In fact, in his last interview, Pauling said “I think we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of (vitamin C and lysine) … even cure it.”

Source: Official website of Dr. Linus Pauling.

Holistic Supplement Combo # 2: Olive Leaf Extract and Lemon Balm

Olive Leaf Extract – Olive Leaf has potent antiviral properties. Because it is so potent and attacks toxins so quickly, a temporary healing crisis may result. I usually suggest folks start with the lysine and Vitamin C first, particularly if an outbreak is imminent or in progress.

Lemon Balm (Melissa) – Can be taken long term and is an excellent tonic herb. You can buy Melissa in capsules, in a tincture or in an essential oil. I like tinctures myself.

Holistic Supplement # 3: Monolaurin

Monolaurin is derived from coconuts. There is one product, called Lauricidin, that can be purchased online at amazon or other online stores. could be used with all the other items or rotated between them as part of the continual protective antiviral approach I advocate. Those who make Lauricidin say it is for general health and can be taken as a daily supplement, and also that it deactivates bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses. In the supplement example I give a little later, you can rotate monolaurin after the other two combos or just go back to the Lysine/Vitamin C. I personally feel that variety is the spice of healing!

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