Controversial product for HSV

The FDA wants this product banned

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Chapter 6: A Controversial Product for HSV
Excerpted from ebook on natural approach to herpes simplex virus


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IMPORTANT HEALTH DISCLAIMER: By reading the following, you agree that you understand this is my personal opinion and that I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or prescribe. Further, you agree that you realize that this information is for educational purposes only. Finally, you agree that any choice you may to try the product I’m about to discuss is at your own risk.

The last product I want to talk about is sodium chlorite. When activated with citric acid, a drop of sodium chlorite becomes what is called the Master Mineral Supplement, or chlorine dioxide. This is a controversial product. I use it topically and personally believe in it for topical and limited, short-term, low dose internal use. The FDA wants Master Mineral Supplement banned. I’ve included some information from my website in the resources section, about potential side effects and my own personal experience with MMS. (Please don’t confuse MMS with MSM.) These are two entirely different products. MSM is a form of sulfur, which I list as important in daily supplements list. MMS is sodium chlorite, activated with citric acid.

The following is anecdotal, meaning it is the result of my own experimentation with MMS. Nothing here should be construed as medical advice or information.

Topical application of MMS has stopped a cold or flu bug in it’s tracks for me many times over the years. All I do is activate 2 or 3 drops in 8 ounces of water, wet a paper towel and wash over the lymph nodes in my neck and around sinus areas. I often feel immediate relief of symptoms with this simple topical application. To stop the bug, I typically do this twice a day for a couple of days. That usually ends a cold for me.

I first learned about MMS when I was researching springtail infestation and collembola. Someone wrote to me with a question about how to stop an infestation and in research, I came across MMS. I have a relative whose Grandmother had springtail infestation and she credits MMS with ending it.

I also suggested MMS to someone with a rather several outbreak of shingles. Upon washing the area in activated MMS, they reported strong reduction in heat and pain at outbreak site as well as increased healing. Although I have not gathered feedback from anyone using it for HSV 1 or 2, since the shingle virus is a member of the herpes family, II personally feel MMS could have similar impact to the impact it has on shingles.

I also dumped a solution of activated MSM on the head of a stray dog that had mange so bad that it’s head looked like an open wound. There was an obvious improvement within 24 hours. In a few weeks, the mange was gone and in a month, new hair was growing. The mange tried to come back in a few months so I retreated and it never came back again.

In addition, some time back I got bit on my eyelid by a bug while at a state park. The eye became very swollen, red, hot and infected. I again used the 2-3 activated drops and wet a paper towel with it, laying the paper towel over the eye for a few minutes. The heat and pain reduced within minutes. Next, morning the swelling was noticeably less. In a few days, the eye was almost normal.

The most important thing I can stress about using MMS (should you decide to try it despite FDA warnings) is to follow instructions. Some are using massive amounts, or using it in ways that are not coming from Jim Humble. I’ve got information on what MMS is, how to use it and MMS side effects. If you choose to try MMS, please be sure you read ALL of that information. If there’s a question you have that isn’t answered on the website, please google for forums. That information is strictly anecdotal too but some of it is from health professionals.

I cannot advise on MMS usage or dosage at all, whatsoever, but can share what I’ve read on the subject for educational purposes.

For prodromal symptoms of herpes, the instructions I found were to activate 2 or 3 drops of MMS with the same amount of the citric acid activator that comes with it, in a glass of water and use the wet paper towel application directly on all sites where tingling is noticed. Additionally, whether or not prodromal symptoms are at base of spine, it is suggested to wash over that area a few times too. If oral herpes is an issue, users have rinsed with the solution without swallowing it. Be advised if you have amalgam fillings that rinsing may also start to release mercury. This is not good unless you are also taking something that will chelate the mercury from your body. In the case of amalgam fillings, to avoid releasing mercury, some use a q-tip with activated MMS and then just swab the area of the herpes outbreak.

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