Essential oils for herpes virus

Essential oils for HSV infection

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Chapter 4: Esssential Oils for Herpes

Please read part 1: Managing Herpea

and Part 2: A theory about HSV

and part 3: Best Antivirals against herpes virus

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information shared in this e-book is educational in nature and not intended to replace any needed medical testing or attention. The medical industry says there is no cure for herpes. The holistic practitioner believes that nature provides nutritional support for the body to heal itself of any condition. Making the choice to self-treat requires self-responsibility. If you are not willing to be responsible for choices you make regarding this material, this is not the resource for you.

There is a potential for a temporary healing crisis, to achieve core-level healing. If you are not willing to accept this potential, this is not the book for you. And finally, if you have an autoimmune system disorder, you need to check with your doctor before applying this plan to combat herpes.

There are many essential oils that have antiviral properties. You may feel free to use your favorite if these two don’t excite you but I am focusing on two of the most effective essential oils that I know about, in terms of assisting the body to stay outbreak-free. What is vital when choosing an essential oil is that it be 100% pure. Avoid essential oil blends and any essential oils that have fillers.

You need to dilute the oils but it’s best to choose organic olive oil or some other oil of verified quality, rather than purchasing a diluted oil. Also note that essential oils should not be applied where there is heat from an outbreak. In other words, if you already have an outbreak don’t apply oils directly to lesion areas but instead use on the soles of the feet, at the base of the spine or at the base of the skull.

Oregano – MUST, MUST MUST DILUTE! But … this is an essential oil I love! Oregano is a very potent antiviral, antibacterial herb. Taking oregano capsules internally is fine but it’s also great to dilute pure (make sure it’s pure) oregano oil and rub on any areas that are during prodome period. NOT advised for lesions because it will burn. ALWAYS DILUTE pure oregano oil when applying to the skin, to avoid burning. In addition, diluted oregano oil may be rubbed on lymph areas at the groin and/or neck.

Tea Tree Oil – If spreading the virus is a concern, one can make a habit of washing the genital area with tea tree soap before and after sex. Also, having your partner wash immediately after intimacy is advisable and always brush teeth after oral sex, whether or not an outbreak is obvious.

Pure Tea Tree Oil may be applied frequently to any area where prodomal symptoms occur or there is an outbreak. It may be applied neat or, if that burns, it may be diluted but it’s best not to put that kind of oil on any area that is hot to the touch. If you can stand the oil neat, that’s the way I’d use it. Because there is some evidence that the virus may travel down the spine to the base to become dormant in some cases, I think it’s a good idea to apply the tea tree oil and diluted oregano oil (ALWAYS DILUTE OREGANO OIL!) at base of spine as well.

Cimetidine and herpes – I came across a very interesting article at the Life Extension website which referred to an over the counter medicine for heartburn called cimetidine. The article stated that this OTC medicine was effective in easing symptoms of shingles. Since shingles and herpes are both caused by strains from the herpes family, it might be worth a try in cases of HSV-1 or HSV-2 as well. Cimetidine is in Tagamet.

Please note: You shouldn’t take cimetidine if being treated for cancer. Be sure to read any cautions on the label and run it by your doctor if under a doctor’s care. Note that cimetidine has potential side effects such as dizziness, headaches and diarrhea and that more serious side effects are also possible. As is true with any medication, you must carefully assess risk against potential benefits.

Source: Life Extension. Link in resource section.

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