Handling an HSV healing crisis

It may have to get worse before it gets better

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Chapter 8: How to Handle a Healing Crisis

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What to do in the event that these natural supplements trigger a healing crisis? As I mentioned at the beginning, a Herxheimer Reaction is always possible when your body is fighting to remove a toxic bacteria, fungus or viral hold. This can either result in an actual herpes outbreak (I know, not what you want to hear) and/or the eruption of emotional/mental issue that need attention.

If you notice prodomal symptoms during a point in this rotation schedule, you might want to back off the antiviral supplements for a day and concentrate on topical applications of essential oils and, if you are using it, the MMS.

It’s great to apply diluted oregano oil (ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS DILUTE OREGANO OIL TO AVOID BURNING AND DO NOT APPLY TO ACTIVE HERPES LESIONS) at the base of the spine during these times when you might not be taking the other supplements, and to apply diluted tea tree oil to areas where lesions have previously appeared. Be sure to test dilution of the tea tree oil – should be dilute enough so as not to burn) to areas where lesions typically appear during an outbreak. Tea tree oil will kill HSV on the skin surface and my theory is that it may inhibit the virus from breaking the surface if applied during prodome and before an active lesion appears.

In general, I feel that stress reactions contribute to most chronic illnesses and getting a handle on how we handle stress is vital to any level of true healing. Stress reduction is typically a HUGE factor in learning to live outbreak-free. If you’re life has a lot of stress, that alone could trigger more outbreaks. Add to this the stress of worrying about an outbreak and you’ve literally got the recipe for more outbreaks. Reducing stress may be last on the treatment suggestions but it is as important as anything you take into your body to help it remain outbreak-free.

Any kind of illness can serve as a signal that we are out of alignment on spiritual levels. In general, the body is fairly literal. Something affecting the genital area often has to do with sexual relationships or matters of the first chakra, or root chakra. The root chakra is also the Kundalini Chakra so imbalances manifesting there can point to a time when one is being asked to spiritual accelerate in a way that we might find frightening. Physical issues in the root chakra also may point to unresolved challenges from childhood. I see root chakra blockage and imbalance when there is childhood abuse that has not been healed, for example, or when the desires or behavior of one or more parents is at odds with what the child wants to do or be.

The root chakra is about survival. It can really get activated when a person feels unsafe or threatened. It can also be activated when a person is staying in a job they hate instead of doing something creative that we love, because of survival fears. Doing some meditations around your belief systems about money and surviving in the world may result in a healthier root chakra. Doing something creative may also be very helpful, even if you don’t feel you can quite the job and do what you love. It gives you some energy toward the day when that might feel more possible to you.

Other possible reasons one might attract contact with and subsequent infection of herpes: sexual repression, unhealed sexual abuse, guilt and shame around sex, or a biggie… fear of catching herpes. One of the most infuriating truths about healing, from a metaphysical standpoint, is that what is dwelled on, persists. Fear of anything tends to attract it into our field with astonishing precision.

I’ll give you one example. I saw what looked like a brown recluse spider on the floor. I normally don’t kill anything but I make an exception when poisonous insects are in areas where people live, so I killed it. I had a jolt of fear go through me of being bitten by a brown recluse. I was leaving that day to go visit my sister in Alabama. Sometime during the next 48 hours, I did indeed get bitten by something. I did not see what it was but the bite was bad; took weeks to heal.

By the way, I used MMS as part of my healing process when I got bitten by whatever bit me (it looked like a spider bite) but the main thing that helped was activated charcoal applied as a poultice. But I digress … I was talking about the impact of fear.

There’s another side to fear though and that’s dread. When diagnosed with HSV, a person may spend a lot of time dreading the next outbreak, fearing it and checking to see if one is coming all the time. On a practical side, it’s well known that stress negatively impacts the immune response. The very act of stressing over an outbreak can help cause one. Metaphysically speaking, it’s the law of attraction. What you dwell on, you tend to attract.

Once an outbreak appears and a remedy is chosen, sometimes it’s hard to just shift attention after treatment and not dwell on whether or not the remedy is working. Focusing attention on something allows it more space in our reality. However, when something is hurting or embarrassing us, all a person may want is for the pain to stop. One wants to know the pain has stopped and the condition is shifted. So, there is a tendency to keep checking in, to see if it has stopped. The very act of continually calling back attention to what has been dealt with, keeps that energetically alive in a person’s field.

As long as someone has a relationship with something, it will probably hang around. If fear or worry has bound you in relationship to a virus or bacteria or anything else in 3-d reality, it’s often necessary to address it in 3-d terms. That means taking some practical action. If you find you cannot release the worry and fear and shift the condition in a metaphysical manner then it’s good to gather all the information you can find on the health challenge, have the necessary diagnostic tests and make the choices as to which supplements and/or medications to use. Deal with it and then let it go. Checking to see if it’s still happening just brings you right back into relationship with it. Do what you can do and then do everything you can not to think of it again.

Herpes is Incurable:
Those three words are what makes it so hard to live a herpes-free life, once a person has received an official diagnosis. Doctors deliver a life sentence when they say herpes is incurable. Once that title, incurable, has been bestowed and a person takes that on and really believes it… the body pays attention to what is believed. The reality of having herpes is energized. So, then, how does someone heal? Do what you can do, on a practical level, to help your body strengthen and maintain strength and vitality. Then, move on with life.

Ways to move on with life include consciously adding more experiences in your life that are enjoyable. Taking time out for creative endeavors, spending more time with family, watching a comedy film with a friend, hiking in a beautiful natural setting, etc.

To help the mind let go of the need to continually check on the state of “your herpes”, you can begin building in escape routes for the mind. Set it up so that any time the thought to check up on the virus, see if it’s still there, if you can still feel it, etc., create an affirmation that takes your mind in the other direction.

It could be a statement of some of the wonderful things in your life; it could be a statement of praise for your healthy body; it could simply be taking a deep breath and breathing out the focus toward something you don’t want and breathing in the focus toward something else that is good for you to think about.

Herpes is not a life sentence unless someone allows it to be one. Staying in relationship with herpes, which mean thinking about herpes at all once a person has done all they can do about it, is holding energy for it to remain in the energetic field, and continue showing up in the person’s life.

What can you find to focus on, other than herpes? What brings you joy? What lifts you in a creative way? Who do you love? What makes you smile? Seek out those things, deliberately and as part of your medicine.

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