Holistic Rotation Schedule for Stopping HSV

Hit the herpes virus hard and keep hitting it til it leaves

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A Natural Strategy for HSV
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. Any information given here should be treated as a theory. If under a doctor’s care, please check with your chosen healthcare specialist before trying any of these natural strategies. I used to sell an ebook about natural approaches to herpes simplex virus but have since decided to make the information available for free. I’ll be posting the entire contents of Herpes: It Doesn’t Have to be a Life Sentence here, at the Healthy Choices Wellness Blog.

Chapter 7: Rotating antivirals and HSV supplements

Please read part 1: Managing Herpea

and Part 2: A theory about HSV

and part 3: Best Antivirals against herpes virus

and part 4: Essential Oils for herpes

and part 5: Supportive supplements for herpes

and part 6: Controversial supplement for herpes

IMPORTANT HEALTH DISCLAIMER: By reading the following, you agree that you understand this is my personal opinion and that I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or prescribe. Further, you agree that you realize that this information is for educational purposes only. Finally, you agree that any choice you may to try the product I’m about to discuss is at your own risk.

OK, you are ready to make some choices about how to proceed in helping your body live a more herpes-free life. The following is only a suggestion of regimen. You may find that you tolerate some of these supplements better than others. If so, rotate accordingly. This is just an example of one way you could keep antiviral support in your system on a long term basis.

Six week rotation cycle:
Weeks 1 and 2: Lysine and Vitamin C (one day break after 7 days on)
Weeks 3 and 4: Olive Leaf Extract and Lemon Balm (one day break after 7 days on)
Weeks 5 and 6: Monolaurin (one day break after 7 days on)

Daily Use Supplements Schedule:

These are the supplements and topical applications I mentioned earlier, when speaking of strengthening, long-term support. Of course, should any side effects be noticed, always consider backing off for a day or two or trying something else. You have lots of options now. Part of the reason I wanted to do this e-book is to give people more power over how they approached self-treatment by giving many different combinations that could be explored.

Diluted pure oregano oil / diluted pure tea tree oil. Can rotate between the two, week to week. Good areas to apply include soles of the feet, base of the spine and at any area where lesions have previously appeared or where prodomal itching or tingling is noticed. Be sure to dilute well if applying to genital areas, to insure that stinging and discomfort will be minimal.

Homeopathic formula. Homeopathics should be taken one hour apart from any other application. As with everything else, I suggest a break from each supplement periodically.

Organic yogurt or other probiotic. Unlike everything else, I don’t recommend taking a break from probiotics. I eat organic yogurt or drink organic Kombucha every day of my life. Bernard Jensen (known by many in natural healing as the father of holistic health) said “Death begins in the colon.“ I agree. I think good health begins there as well. Don’t skip this one! And please, please, please go organic. My favorite? Stonyfield Organic Superfruits Greek Yogurt. My favorite Kombucha is the Fire flavor from buchi.

Sulfur Crystals or Flakes (not powder or capsule form). The most common form of sulfur you might have heard about is called MSM, not to be confused with Master Mineral Supplement (MMS). You can get MSM capsules in Walmart but please note that these do NOT carry the benefits of sulfur due to the addition of anti-caking ingredients and fillers. To give every cell in your body the nutrients sulfur provides, you need to get sulfur flakes or crystals, to which no anti-caking ingredients or fillers have been added.

One way to take sulfur is to mix the crystals or flakes in a small amount of warm or hot water and down it fast, like a shooter. The taste is intense, bitter and salty. If you can stand the taste, mixed in water, this is a supplement that supports better health in general, and may have a very strong influence in keeping your body strong against the herpes virus. If you simply can’t stand the taste, you may mix with juice. If you just can’t stand the flakes at all, no matter what you mix them in, I’d at least get the homeopathic sulfur or hepar sulfur and take that.

MMS – Should you choose to try Master Mineral Supplement, as little as one drop to three drops activated in a full glass of water for daily topical application at typical outbreak locations will suffice. You may notice an almost instant easing of pain and heat.

However, please note that there is actually a far more detailed treatment regimen designed for herpes simplex virus which involves taking the drops internally. There is a lot of information on this protocol as well as some pretty impressive reports from users, of negative tests for HSV2 or long outbreak-free periods after treatment. I’ve included a link to the Underground Cure website in the resources for those who might want to try the more comprehensive approach and do the 7 day or 30 day treatment.

Repeat rotation schedule as needed. In other words, if you still notice prodomal symptoms after the six-week cycle, I would immediately start another. I’d also look really close at your stress levels and do whatever I could to reduce stress because if six weeks on this schedule, doesn’t significantly lessen your outbreaks, I’m willing to bet stress is a big reason. You may additionally want to have some medical testing to see if there is some other issue that is compromising your immune response.

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