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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Breakthrough revelation – I have been doing it right.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an HD expert. I am sharing my own journey of the past few years, into the 6/3 Generator Profile experience. If you have positive information to add, please contact me. I’m happy to be educated on points that are still unclear to me. If you have negative information to share, please keep it to yourself. And if you think this post is just mind games, feel very free to just move on. Thanks.

I first learned about a gathering of information called Human Design around 2013 or 2014. When I got my free chart, and read about my design, I was flabbergasted. It was as if this Ra guy had been following me around.

I was instantly interested in learning more. I’ve played with human design since then but hit sort of a painful block when it came to coming off the roof. When I looked up my second saturn return, I found out that happened at age 60. Without going into detail (some stuff on internet on second saturn return you can read) I understood that it was my time to finally come off the roof, share what I had learned and step into my role model position. In reality, I was late coming off the roof which is why I almost died before I finally did.

NOTE: Some have felt that I confused Chiron return with 2nd Saturn Return. I did not. Chiron happens around age 50. I’m not great with linear time, I admit so here goes …

I was incredibly late coming off the roof in any conscious way. The timeline of events was that I was rather slammed to the ground in 2001. I was 46. The devastating impact of that event, in which I lost everything (relationship, home, sense of purpose, etc.) threw me back on the roof for 7 solid years. Around age 53, I tried to come off again but bounced from one chaotic trauma to another and ended up almost dead with mold poisoning. I’m so grateful at that time to find a longterm petsit that allowed me to recover.

Around the same time I read about 2nd Saturn Return, I was also reading a lot more about human design and I came across John Martin’s information. I saw the magic of human design at that time because I had no money but John Martin felt in alignment to talk to me a bit around that time. He shocked me to my core when he said that I’d better get off the roof or I’d probably die up there. So, I began climbing up and down.

However, it seemed to me as if I were still very much on the roof. Today, I realize that’s not really true. Although I have created a situation where I do have a tremendous amount of time alone, I have also created situations where I come down off the roof and into the world on a weekly basis.

In reviewing the years since my second saturn return, it seems to me now that I’ve been practicing. I have created relationships that Ra speaks of as of specific importance for the 6/3 Generator profile. Ra said that a 6/3 has the potential to develop relationships with those rare souls who will allow a 6/3 to come and go. To break bonds, and come back, as if nothing had happened. I have created such relationships with at least 3 people in my life. This gives me hope that I can create more such beneficial relationships.

Once a person can understand that it is the design, the nature, of the 6/3 to come and go, there is a wonderful alchemy that can happen. I’m only now just beginning to understand the power of that alchemy.

What this teaches me, first and foremost, is that any person who tries to keep me near when it’s time to go or who closes the door when it’s time to come back …. they are not for me. They are not FOR me. They do not support the evolution of the 6/3 into positions we are to occupy by 2027.

It has been painful at times but I’m learning to let people go, if they can’t give me the freedom to come and go in and out of their lives as design dictates.

What I realized today is that I have ended up in the perfect environment for practicing my design. I am in a long-term petsit which has become more. I was invited to live here, even when not petsitting. In and of itself, that was rather like a miracle.

I live upstairs in a two-story house with a lady (maybe an Angel …) who works and travels for work a lot. She never comes upstairs and is perfectly content if I don’t go downstairs. When I do go downstairs, we enjoy visiting. Though I have some time commitments (such as when she travels) I really do have freedom to go out into the world and then, literally, climb back up to the roof.

Rather than being still stuck on the roof (which is how it has felt for a long, long time) I’m seeing how I needed this environment to teach me how to navigate the coming and going of the 6/3 with more grace and ease.

I have felt behind my design.


Trying to catch up.

Trying to kick or throw myself off the roof, whatever way I could manage it.

Now, I realize, I’ve been perfecting. I’ve been learning. I’ve been practicing the balance of coming and going and learning how to develop relationships with those who are willing to embrace the on again/off again nature of a 6/3 Generator.

I’ve also felt pressure to find my correct environment. On the surface, where I live now is as far from wet kitchens or humid kitchens as one could get. I live out on a farm in a very small town, the kind of town the word “bucolic” was invented to describe.

NOTE: Some in HD community have felt I was confusing humid kitchens with other environments. For clarity, I’m saying flea markets are as close to what might feel like a humid kitchen environment as I have found here where I’m living. It feels like a place where things are transforming, to me.

Looking at it now, though, I see that I have been experimenting with my environment as well. For me, wet kitchens has presented as flea markets and auctions. I love them. I love going out and looking for treasures all over the place and I love seeing all the people each week. It is bustling, busy and fun. And … it is short in duration. I am practicing that humid kitchens environ the same way I’ve been practicing my on the roof/off the roof experiences and relationship development. In fact, one of the things I love about the auctions and flea markets is that I can come and go. I can do them every week or once a month. When I go back, I’m welcomed. When I’m not there, that’s fine too.

Wet kitchens is a place where things are cooking, things are happening. I never thought of flea markets as a wet kitchens environment but, looking at it now, I see it was the closest thing I could find here. I know my humid kitchens home is still out there somewhere but, for now, it feels good to know that I’ve already been exploring it for a couple years now.

FINAL NOTE: I’m laughing at myself a little as I realize that all my “NOTES” have been attempts to prove myself. That’s something I am learning to recognize but not yet always able to circumvent. Nice reminder that I have nothing to prove, despite intense pressure that suggests otherwise.