I know what works

If a Human Design 6/3 Generator says it works, it damn well works

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Recognizing the value of a trial and error design

When I first read about Human Design, and heard the videos by Ra Hru Ru about the 6/3 generator profile, I thought “what the hell have I gotten myself into?”

I wondered why anyone would chose a design where trial and error, and finding what works by eliminating everything that doesn’t work, would be a good idea? What was my soul thinking?

I’m 62 now and really grateful, in a way, that I didn’t find out about my profile during the first two stages. I might have lost my mind.

Now, in my croning years, I am beginning to see the value of a trial and error life.

Long story short, if I say it works, it damn well works.

You can trust it. I would have eliminated, sometimes as high personal cost, all the avenues that don’t work.

There are very few practices, products, situations I can endorse. The ones I endorse, they work.

I wanta talk about one of the very few products that I can 100% endorse. It’s Mt. Capra goat whey protein. Hope I don’t lose you here but if I do, you don’t understand the 6/3 generator value to an endorsement.

I probably tried at least a dozen different whey products before I found Mt. Capra. I researched at least a couple dozen more before deciding that this is the best goat whey that exists on the planet at the moment.

I wrote about my journey so no need to rehash that here but if you have been disappointed by whey products, whey isolate and cow milk whey in general, perhaps it is in alignment for you to read about the difference. Invitation to learn more about the Mt. Capra difference