Adrenalin Rush is not my friend

6/3 Human Design Generator on Motivation to Act

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The danger of adrenalin rush decisions

I’m a 6/3 Generator profile, in the Human Design collection of information. However, in addition and significant to this post, I also have an open head, ego and root centers.

I’m discovering, more and more, that the decisions I make that are based on that adrenalin rush feeling, that gotta go, wow, this is great, oh my gosh!!!! energy are not my choices, but the agenda of someone else.

When I get a true sacral yes, it isn’t like that. It lacks the push of an adrenalin rush decision. A sacral yes, at least for me, is stable. It is, in and of itself, complete. I do not feel pushed, shoved, urgent or deeply motivated to make some kind of “now or never” decision.

I feel solid, stable and willing to wait for the next moment of yes.

I am assuming this may be quite significant for other 6/3 generators who, like myself, may have open head, heart or root.

If you have these undefined centers, please note that the urgency you feel in a decision-making moment may well be due to the agenda of others involved.

This is a fairly new discovery for me as my trial and error design sort of dictated that I walk through all the things that don’t work first. Before, I assumed that the bigger the energy I felt toward something, the more it was FOR ME and in alignment. I’m now discerning the difference between a big, clear energy and one that pushes or shoves me toward a decision.

I am recognizing this: when I act in response to the adrenalin-rush urgency of a decision point, I regret it. I end up embroiled in someone else’s agenda or in something that my mind has manipulated to look like a good idea.

A true sacral yes leaves me feeling stable and perfectly able to wait for the next decision point.

If that feeling of stability or the ability to wait comfortably is missing, it’s a sign to me that I’m responding to the agenda of someone else and that the decision made could pull me out of alignment with my design.

There is a thing in Human Design called “an open center”. Basically, any open center means that the person is prone to be affected by those who have that same center defined, in ways that may obscure the “Yes” they need to hear.

If you are unfamiliar with Human Design, that won’t make much sense but it’s kinda like having a toaster oven with a plug but no outlet so when a person gets around someone who has that “center” defined it’s easy to mistake the plugging into their clarity as finding out own.

To make it even more confusing there are these aspects called “gates”. If a person has both ends of a gate, they are said to possess the qualities of that gate. If they only have one end of it, it becomes what’s called a “hanging gate” and those hanging gates can really muddy the “yes” for someone as well.

If you’re wanted to learn a little bit about your own human design, you can pick up a free chart here: Human Design Discover your Human Design. The information may surprise you.

For me, it kind of shows up as a guidance system or a type of map I can follow. When I am able to hear a clear yes in situations, it’s always the right choice for me at the time.

When I feel a push on the yes, as if there is an urgency to it or a pressure to say yes, it’s never a true sacral yes. When something is for me, as a generator, the yes is strong, calm, and in a clear space where I can sense it easily.

When my mind interferes with all the ways it tries to protect me from making the wrong decision, the yes becomes confused and oscillating between yes and “what if”.

When my emotions get involved, I become overwhelmed with feelings of fear and doubt and it becomes much harder to follow that initial yes.