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Is it your idea? Is it your emotion? What’s really being said?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Why I said Yes to another person’s agenda

My human design profile is 6/3 Generator with defined spleen and undefined head, ego, heart and root.

Once again, I have said “yes” to someone else’s agenda. When I realized it, I literally felt sick to my stomach because, as has been typical, I recognized it right in the middle of the culmination of the decision’s fulfillment and too late to turn back. I still have such a hard time recognizing if the answer I’m hearing is my sacral or what the person next to me wants me to say. Ugh.

One thing I just this moment realized is that I went by the person’s words. It was a mind decision first. I took them at their words even though I’m sure, if I had noticed my spleen, I would have felt an underlying difference between what was said and genuine intention even then.

Actually, that’s not completely accurate. I took the “active” words in an implied request and ran with them. I zoomed directly into my mind and let it calculate and decide based on words that were, either consciously or unconsciously, used by another person who wanted something from me.

I am recognizing the brilliance of the unstated request, at least when that request is aimed at someone like me with undefined head, emotions, will, root. Wow. Never saw this before. A direct question could invoke an instant yes or no but if it’s implied, or veiled and one chooses to respond, one must engage the mind to some extent to respond.

So, the implied tugs at me, then throws me up into my undefined mind where I often grab the very idea from the other person’s head and act on it as if it were my own.

LOL. This is hilarious… and infuriating.

It’s become clear that I must leave space between a request, whether direct or implied, and an answer. This goes against that defined spleen “in the moment” awareness that is able to make an instantaneous decision. Until I can learn to recognize the splenic reaction and, more important, trust it, I have to give myself space.

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