25 ways to stop bee sting pain

How can I stop the sting? Let me count the ways

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Stopping the pain of wasp/hornet/yellowjacket stings

I don’t think there’s a person alive who has been driven to wildness by the pain of a wasp or hornet sting. Yellow jackets inflicted tremendous pain to be such little suckers. I got on a fb page and was searching for info on how to stop the pain of a bee sting. I asked and boy did I get a lot of answers.

In no particular order, try these:

1. Chew plantain and put directly on bite. If you don’t know what plantain is, move on but if you do, and you’re outside, I can testify to this one. May not stop the sting but helps.

2. Apply essential oils including lavender, which is soothing, and peppermint, which has pain relief properties.

3. Apply a poultice of yellow mustard

4. Chew tobacco and apply wad

5. Apply apple cider vinegar

6. Apply orajel

7. If outside and near mud, apply mud

8. Take an anti-histamine

9. Make a yarrow poultice

10. Mix baking soda and water to form paste and apply

11. Apply Adolf meat tenderizer or Lowry’s seasoning salt

12. Mix lavender oil into honey and apply

13. Arnica gel (I’ve used it, yes, is soothing)

14. Tape a penny over the sting

15. Make a juice of tomato leaf and apply. Sorry, no recipe included. Maybe boil down to make a poultice?

16. Apply a yarrow poultice.

17. Spray some windex on it (ammonia?)

18. Apply raw potato slices

19. Soak rag in epsom salts/hot water mixture and apply

20. Apply witch hazel

22. Apply bleach to sting area

23. Apply bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mixture

24. Dab toothpaste on sting area

25. Try homeopathics. Apis for bee stings and Canthans for wasps

A lot of these may also work well for mosquito bites or ant bites.

For spider bites, the best thing I’ve ever tried is activated charcoal, mixed with water to form a paste and reapplied when it dries. A little messy to make but it helps draw out the poison.

Of course, some spider bites are serious so always see a doctor if bitten by a brown recluse, black widow or other poisonous arachnid.