Spiritual Tools I have used

Support for spiritual awakening

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Spiritual Support Resources on my Journey

I’m 62 years old. For the first 55 years of my life, I felt like I was pushing a very heavy rock up a steep hill, spiritually speaking. I had a deep, deep longing for a consistent and pure connection with God but life, and my childhood traumas, kept getting in the way.

At various times in my journey toward spiritual awakening, I was led to and took advantage of different kinds of spiritual tools to support becoming more connected and aware.

I can’t possibly remember all of them in one post but wanted to chat about a few that come to mind.

Prayer – I was raised fundamental Christian and the principal role model for that walk of faith was my Grandmother. She was a staunch, severe type of Christian. She believed with all her being but also, seldom smiled and seemed to be waiting for her reward in heaven. I prayed as a child, in church, because that’s what I was taught to do. I always felt disconnect in those prayers. It was me, lowly me down here on earth, and some God I could never hope to be good enough to deserve. It took a lot of years, decades really, for me to find a way to pray that was not infused with fear of judgment and retribution. Now, prayer is less about words and more about a state of being. A prayerful way of living.

Meditation – This one was hard for me and still is if I try to do it by the books. What works for me is not sitting lotus position for an hour, remaining as still as possible and attempting to clear my mind to the no-thing state. Walking meditations, however, are incredible for me. The first 10 minutes my mind just chatters and worries and does all the things mind likes to do try and protect me. After that, it gives up and gives way to the simply rhythm of the steps and the in and out of breath and I find meditative state.

Subliminals and hypnosis – These can be very helpful or completely unhelpful, in my experience. The people who make subliminals and hypnosis tapes are humans, just like me. They all have their own history, story, belief paradigm, etc. For me, the best ones were the most neutral. They didn’t guide me to believe things that may have worked for the one who created the tape but that went contrary to core beliefs of mine. I found them valuable, once I found tapes that I resonated with, at the beginning of my awakening because they helped me retrain my mind. After that, I have rarely used them.

Craniosacral Therapy – Wow, was this one powerful. I’ve had some of the most Sacred experiences while in a craniosacral session. I highly recommend this work for accessing deep, cellular awareness of one’s spiritual self. Again, I rarely would use this now but at the time I needed it, it did not let me down.

Spiritual Ceremony – This is another way I’ve accessed strong spiritual awareness, in groups focused on spiritual intent. The thing I’ve learned about ceremony is that the group energy is far stronger than the individual and becomes exponential in with the correct group of people. Discernment is important, of course. I’ve left ceremony before because I suddenly realized, these are not people with an intent that my being supports. They are not for me.

More Recent Tools That Bring Value for me:

Matrix Energetics – Oh, I had tremendous fun attending Matrix Energetics workshops. I loved Richard Bartlett’s humorous approach and had an incredible journey with Justice Bartlett as well. If you feel a little too stuck and serious and urgent in your spiritual journey, It might be good to take a fun break and play with Matrix Energetics

Human Design – Let’s just say this is a weird one. Even Ra Hru Hu says the way Human Design came about should be considered a “tale of madness”. If you are fundamental in your paradigm, human design may definitely not be for you but, for me, it is giving me the most helpful information at the present time. When I read my profile (6/3 Generator) I felt as if someone had written the story of my life so far and only wished I could have read that book when I was 18 years old. My life may still have had a lot of bumps but at least I would have understood how to weather them. If a tale of madness doesn’t scare you away, you might like exploring Human Design