dual realities

In the World but not of it

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I’m not crazy…

I’m not crazy, said the crazy person.

Lately, I feel a little crazy, truth be told.

I will be driving down the road, or at least observing my body appearing to be driving down a road, when I realize “I” am not here.

This is difficult to articulate. I will try.

It is literally as if I’m observing myself driving the car in third-dimensional reality, from an entirely different dimension that appears to be right on top of 3D.

It’s as if I’m looking through my own eyes from somewhere else, outside my body and outside 3D reality.

I wondered, just today, what part of me is driving the car? How can there be enough of me here to manage that? It seems as if ALL of me is somewhere else so how is this phenomenon occurring?

It’s the strangest thing. Well, maybe not the strangest thing I’ve experienced in my spiritual awakening, but certainly up there with stranger things I recall.

I’ve had this type of “being in two realities at once” experience before, but usually in the midst of intense spiritual ceremony or dreamstate. What is different now is the consistency.

It causes a bit of trepidation because I know that, due to actually noticing my body in the 3D space/time continuum, I am still enough present in 3D reality that I believe there would consequences to ignoring it.

For example, I sense there might be consequences to driving directly toward oncoming traffic, even though I know that both the traffic and my car are not real in any objective sense.

Is this what Jesus meant when he told his disciples they must be “in the world, but not of it?”. That’s always been presented to me as some kind of moral description but I wonder now if Jesus didn’t mean it quite literally when he spoke those words?