Clearing and Grounding for the Healer

Part Two of Healing with Integrity post

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Learn how to ground and keep yourself energetically clear

This is part two of a post on healing with integrity.

When first beginning to work with energy, a new healer can commonly be challenged by the realization that they find themselves taking on the feelings, pain or symptoms of the person with whom they are working or with someone they with whom they have recently facilitated healing. As an example, if a healer works with someone suffering with depression and then, either during the session itself or shortly thereafter, they become suddenly and inexplicably depressed themselves, this can be due to energy transfer during the session. I used to have this phenomenon all the time when I first started out as a healer. This type of experience can occur for any number of reasons:

The healer may have a similar blockage within them as that being stimulated in the client On energetic levels, like attracts like. That’s what the law of attraction is all about.

If you find energetic attachments occurring during your healing sessions, it can typically mean that you have some sort of resonance with the blockage or resistance of your client on the table. Walking completely in balance all the time is a bit challenging on earth, to say the least, so it is always possible for the healer to be out of balance in some aspect, that it is not possible to allow full and effortless flow and release of energies through the physical frame without those energies affecting the physical body and magnifying some aspect of a similar struggle within you.

I’ve had healers say they can’t work with a certain person because they drain them or dump their negativity on them but I maintain that such an energy partnership is never the other person’s fault. It is the responsibility of the healer to work through personal resistance that gets inflamed in a session and it’s a good idea to check your state of balance before every session.

IMPORTANT: That being said, there are people who come to a healer for reasons other than getting healed. There are those who want sympathy, who thrive on being paid attention to and who get more out of that type of interaction than actually going into the dark and wounded places within and moving out of pain. A healing facilitator may rather offer temporary relief (and end up feeling drained because so much personal energy is demanded) than to face the uncomfortable conversation. Telling someone that they are draining to those around them is a conversation that needs a great deal of tact and when one is feeling as if someone has sucked the life force out of them, it may not the best time to have that conversation.

Working in an ungrounded state:
Mother Earth has a specific vibrational energy that helps to connect us to her grounding and clearing field. When healers speak of grounding, we literally mean to ground the energies into Mother Earth, so that nothing negative attaches in the body. Sometimes necessary to make conscious effort, to maintain that grounding connection that is so helpful when working as a healer. When walking in and operating from the higher energy fields, you must remember that you still have a third-dimensional form to consider. If you don’t ground the energies, they can stay in your body.

Taking on Energies:
Burdens lifted for another — As healing facilitators, we may consciously choose to lift and carry the burden of others for a time, within our own bodies. This differs from taking on cellular imbalance in an unhealthy, draining way, because it is a conscious act of compassion if consciously and with integrity.

This type of conscious burden sharing, in my experience, is usually by soul agreement. Two souls agree to help each other, or a soul agrees to help a certain group of people. It kinda reminds me of when Jesus was carrying the cross through the streets, and he suddenly could not bear the weight of it. He needed help to complete his work at that point and someone from the thronging crowd was sent forth to carry the cross for Jesus. It was still Jesus who hung there, who suffered and died there. It was still his cross.

When we as healers, lift the burden of one who has fallen under the weight of their own pain, it is important to remember that we cannot walk that last mile nor take the journey from them. It is still their cross because it is still their life.

Absence of Source connection
This is another area where ego causes problems. Odd as it seems, you may forget that you have access to unlimited Godforce energy. The nervous personality self may feel as if it’s all up to you. If you attempt to heal another, utilizing only your mind or your own devices, you will exhaust yourself within three days.

Always remember that you are not alone. Set your intent to give yourself over to Spirit, being guided moment to moment and trusting the guidance implicitly. For those who are overly analytical (I fit this category and speak from personal experience), it may be difficult to act without knowing exactly what is being done. Sometimes, you will have no idea what is happening at a cellular level, with the partner-in-healing on your table. You’ll be asked to work by faith, and some of the things you are prompted to say may make no sense to your logical mind. Yet, they will be the words the other person most needs to hear. Let the energy flow through, without editing or control.

I learned a wonderful grounding exercise, years ago. I learned it from a reflexologist and have used it ever since.

I start by visualizing thick, strong wooden roots extending out of the soles of my feet. These roots journey down into the earth and I experience them going down, down, down til they reach earth’s middle. In my inner hearing, there is a sound….a thud, as the roots connect into the core of the Mother. I then use my breath to help me visualize a drawing inward and upward of that healing, grounding Earth Mother energy, up through my body, all through every cell, and upward out through my crown, skyward.

I then surge the energy forward, often lifting my hands, as I image the energy going upward to Father Sky. As with reaching the core of the earth, I feel the moment when I have made energetic connection with the Divine Male aspects of Godness. Using my breath once more, I draw that energy downward into my body, into every cell, all the way down to my toes.

At that point, I have energetically balanced, grounded and received both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies through every cell. I’m ready to be of service.