Healing with Integrity

Integrity in Healing Work

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

How to function as a clear energetic channel in your healing work

Update: I am not actively doing healing facilitation these days. From 1993 to 2001, I was deeply involved in energetic healing and found that, in that paradigm, integrity emerged as the most important aspect of that work. If you still call yourself a healer and work in that space, the information here may be helpful. For myself, the space between things has shifted the way I approach healing facilitation.

Healing with Integrity:
I’ve never personally met someone who did energetic healing that was not a “good person”. I believe most genuinely love people and want to help them. Integrity in that work doesn’t mean not being a bad person. Integrity in the work is not necessarily automatic for most, due to ego interference and simple ignorance of energetic law, but something to be worked at and maintained. Most lapses in spiritual integrity in a healer happen as a result of either personality self interference or a misguided attempt to help.

When I first began to work as a healer, I had such a fire and desire to help that I unconsciously tried to force healing sometimes. I would see something in the etheric template of a person’s body, in their emotional field, or in the actual cells of the body that was out of balance or damaged. I would also see how that cellular memory or emotional suppression was hurting the person. I would see how it could be released and I would unconsciously vibrate that suppressed area with my own energy, rather than waiting patiently to see if Godforce energy would be allowed into that area.

One of the most important lessons I learned is that we are not always called into service to help someone heal. Becoming a healer means we stand in support of whatever is needed and that isn’t always a physical healing. Sometimes, we are called because the person needs to have their imbalance inflamed. They may even need their own blockages and resistances inflamed to the point where it becomes unbearable not to shift.

I’ve had people walk away from my table in more pain than when they lay down. Resistance causes the body more pain than actual injury. I am not sure why so many of us have to be in almost unbearable pain before we will surrender but I have seen it in my own life and I’ve certainly seen it over and over again, on the healing table. Having the grace to let a person set the pace of their own healing requires a high level of spiritual integrity as a healer.

Tips for the new energetic healer:

1. Learn to recognize resistance and respect it One of the reasons a person may be drawn to becoming a healer is that they have true compassion for the suffering of others. They want to be of service. They want to help. However, a common challenge is knowing the difference between helping and pushing energy. You only have authority over one person and that is yourself. Whether or not another is truly ready for healing will be revealed when the energy is introduced and the healing facilitator cannot control that decision. Although you may clearly see resistance and blockage, and know that it needs to be resolved, the rate at which that occurs is not yours to set. Sometimes, a person is not able to trust enough, initially, to allow the supportive energy offered by the healer to penetrate fully into those resistant areas. Those are personal boundaries and a healer with integrity will honor them, even if that means no apparent healing appears to have occurred. Those who walk away still holding their pain are doing exactly what they should be doing at this point in their healing journey. Let them have their experience.

This is of particular significance for healers who work in the area of healing childhood trauma and reclaiming the inner child. Since a violation of trust is often at the base of the abused psyche, it may take many healing sesions before that wounded person feels safe enough to let the energy enter those areas of cellular memory. How does cellular resistance feel? For me, the energy stops penetrating. There is a flow that I can feel and when that stops but energy is still present on my end, in my body, I recognize that I’ve come up against a cellular memory that is not ready to shift. I ask, wait, and then move on if the energy does not shift easily and without my pushing any energy toward it.

2. Avoid letting ego run your show A new healer, seeing the obvious cellular blockage that may have caused a person great pain, will desire to have it shift and for healing to happen. Of course. But the height of true compassion is to fully allow each person their own experience, even if that experience means more pain and suffering. When the person we are working with tells us that nothing happened, they don’t feel better, or that they actually feel worse, the ego can flame up and want to prove it isn’t our fault.

This is a subtle thing. Most new healers go through it. They push. They don’t want to fail. What is important to realize is that we are not doing anything. We are making ourselves available as a supportive conduit for healing energy but it is up to the person on the table to receive that energy or not.

I remember working with one woman, early in my career, and feeling so desperately sad for her that I pushed the energy. I wanted so for her to heal the horrible, horrible trauma of her past so that she could live freely again, with the great joy and creative genius that I also saw within her. She also wanted things to shift, desperately, and encouraged me to push. Put up against her own resistance so strongly spiraled her into some pretty hard days, and up until now, she has chosen to stay shut down rather than go there again.

3. Stop putting on bandaids Every healer eventually gets a client like this…..they come, they feel better, but no real change occurs. They just keep coming back, over and over. What they are doing is getting a quick fix of energy but it isn’t being followed up with the spiritual work that would allow them to shift their lives. I consider this putting bandaids on gaping wounds. I won’t do it because genuine healing is more than just the temporary balancing a healer can provide, or a clearing of the etheric field. A healer will start with that because balancing the energy and clearing the etheric field of psychic debris helps to create breathing space for the client, so that they can begin to look at their life choices and see the patterns of behavior that need to shift.

Even though many people seek a healer for physical pain, healing on the physical level is not usually the most important thing. That’s symptomatic relief, but the core is spiritual, mental and emotional. The body is a marvelous diagnostic machine for the Spirit. One of the best ways we have of knowing a core issue is surfacing is because the body responds with pain of some kind. Every illness, accident, and emotional disturbance is an alarm within the body human. If we, as healing facilitators, take away the symptoms without generating awareness of the cause, the person will most likely experience only temporary relief and the condition will reappear. Avoid repetitive energy clearing unless you want to see the same people over and over, for years, and perhaps never assist them in any permanent healing or progressive growth.

4. Enable your client to complete the circle of life with you Many new healers want to help people heal so desperately that the thought of asking for any type of monetary renumeration is awkward for them but experience has taught me that people need to feel enabled. One way we, as healers, can help them is to present opportunity for exchange. It can feel more noble to have so open and giving a nature that you want to do all your healing work free but it is not usually the most empowering way to offer your gifts.

I do not know a single healer who always charges. I know when God is directing me to help someone who, in that moment, needs the power of a free gift of healing. Sometimes, the giving freely is what a person needs to restore their faith. Most other times, I find I can be of better service if I get my ego out of the way and allow a person to give back. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean or the in and out of our breath, the universe is steeped in flow. It is the natural way of the universe and making an exchange for healing facilitation work completes the flow. It doesn’t have to be money either, but most of us do need a certain amount of that green stuff so it’s not a bad exchange at all.

If a person doesn’t have money, perhaps they have some service or skill they can offer. Maybe they make the best homemade bread you ever tasted, or they know how to create beautiful flower arrangements. Maybe they are just the best hugger ever.

When working with Medicine Men, tobacco is a traditional offering but, in my mind, a gift of money should also be offered. Most Medicine Men and Women I know could use it, because they travel and do ceremony to an extent most other healers would not be willing to do.

I’ve heard people say that there should be no charge for healing because it’s really a gift from God. True. But what of the time expended by the healing facilitator? Is that worth nothing? I think not. Jesus told his disciples to leave places where they were not respected. He literally told them to just shake the dust from their feet. He also said that a pig cannot appreciate pearls so why try to feed them pearls?

There was a time when the importance of the healer and the medicine worker was recognized and supported. They were provided with lodging, food and other needs by the community at large, because everyone appreciated the service given and considered it vital. Today, healer’s must make their own way much as the doctor does, but without the doctor’s salary.

5. Exercise caution when facing a kundalini awakening — Most healers eventually work with someone who is sexually repressed and there comes a point in healing repression where kundalini energies can be stirred. Yet, even though often associated with sexual feelings, the real purpose of kundalini is to ignite passion for living.

Even though awakening the serpent is vital for full-out expression of life, it can be a delicate type of energy work and requires a very clear, focused, and conscious healing facilitator to avoid transferring of feelings that muddy the waters of what is really occurring in the healing session.

When someone has been sexually repressed or creatively repressed (actually, the two usually go hand in hand) there is the real potential for mistaking a kundalini awakening for an attraction to the healer. Depending on the degree of sexual shut-down, and any attending emotional imbalances, it can even seem to that person for who kundalini energies are stirring as if the healer themselves is causing it.

Just as a psychologist must be alert to transference of inappropriate feelings, so much the healing facilitator. Encouraging the healthy awakening of kundalini energies without that feeling being misinterpreted by the client is vital for a clear experience of awakening.

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