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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Dreamtime Healing Work

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Do you do energetic healing work? If so, and if you regularly have dreams where you are helping someone in some way, you may be going out in dreamtime and doing etheric work as a healer. Most dream analysis experts will tell you that every person in the dream represent an aspect of yourself but I know this isn’t true, at least in my own case.

For example, I once dreamed of a woman with long black hair and bangs, singing a song on her guitar. I woke up, not knowing what it meant but I memorized the tune before it faded from memory and wrote down the words I had heard in the song. The very next night after this dream, a friend from out of town came in for a visit. As she walked up the sidewalk, I saw another person behind her. It was the woman in my dream, exactly. Same hair, exactly. It was the woman in my dream.

What I didn’t know was that she was a songwriter, and that she had her guitar in the car. She went on to record that song. However, I don’t think the dream was particularly for her to record that song as much as it was to affirm faith in her, and to give her mother an experience. My friend later told me that when this woman played that song, her mother cried.

This is one clear example where I know the dream represented someone real, someone I was to assist. There have been many others, but they are harder to prove.

For example, I talk on my dream blog about a dream where I was called to the hospital bed of a man who was dying. A male relative called me there. In my dream, I found myself sitting next to the man, who had been in a terrible car accident. He turned to me and said “I’m lost”.

I knew he didn’t mean lost in the biblical sense of going to hell, but he meant he didn’t know where to go or what to do. Then, the man’s body levitated above the table, just enough for my body to fit beneath him. I felt myself sliding under him and then he came back down to rest, on my body. I began rocking back and forth but soon realized this was too much for him and slowed down to an almost imperceptible rocking left to right. His Spirit left him, in some level of peace.

I knew it was real, and I knew I was working as healer in that dream. His name was Chris.

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