The Magic of Your Dreams

Dreamtime experiences and dreamtime work
Medicine Dreams Diary

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Magic of Your Dreams

I’ve been a strong proponent of dreamtime work, as a spiritual tool, for many years now. I have been an active dreamtime worker and have personally seen the benefits of such spiritual study, not only with regard to changes, healing and acceleration in my own life but as a healer.

I’m often called out into the dreamtime world to work with others, in my capacity of holding sacred space for healing and allowing the channeling thru of healing energies on behalf of another.

I encourage you to explore your dreams as more than just the ruminations of your unconscious or a meaningless mish-mash of details. The slightest detail I can bring back from a Medicine Dream, which is a dream within which is energetic transformative power, is of great value in my own life. I have some information online now, about the way I work with my dreamtime. If you have an interest, please visit my section on dream interpretation

What if you had a secret room, a vast library containing all the knowledge you would ever need to make decisions and live your life to the fullest? The dreamtime is such a place if you know how to access it.

If you are like most people, you’ve had the experience of being jarred awake from a dream that seemed more real than waking life. Perhaps it was frightening, even bizarre, but most memorable. Did you ever stop to wonder why that dream occurred, and no, it probably wasn’t indigestion!

Most are familiar with the concept of “working things out through our dreams” so this is not to be a time of discussing that approach.

It is generally accepted that at least some dreams may have emotional significance to issues and problems currently in a person’s life. In spiritual circles, it is also generally accepted that a person’s focused dreamtime intent, in partnership with the higher aspects that are at work when we go to sleep, can effect a far greater utilization of the dream state as a tool for healing. This is a natural part of Native-American and other indigenous teachings but the western world has largely ignored the value of such a spiritual partnership with our dream state.

By simply focusing your intent to learn more from your dreams, you will begin to see that a communication between your conscious and subconscious levels will emerge.

It may take a while for this communication to evolve to the point that you can understand what dreams are trying to tell you about your life, but if you decide to dedicate some time and attention to dreamtime work, the effort will reward you with greater self-awareness, clarity, growth and expansion.

I’ve personally devoted time to study of my own dreams for many years now,and also to helping others understand their dreams. In the process of learning this way of self-healing, three simple steps were invaluable to me. I pass those along to you now.

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