My Favorite Herb Teas

Herbal Tea Favorites:

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Herbal Teas I Love:
I’ve been in love with herbal medicine for most of my adult life. I often call on herbal remedies for common day to day ailments and also use herbal tonics on a regular basis, as preventative natural medicine. Herb Teas are always in my house and I usually drink at least one per day. Some of my favorites:

Ginger Tea: I really enjoy the taste of ginger and it’s great for indigestion. Since ginger is what’s called a “warming herb”, a ginger root tea can be very comforting for joint and muscle aches that accompany cold or flu. As with all things that can be ingested, there may be side effects to herbal teas. Ginger Side Effects

Cayenne Tea: One of my personal favorites. I’ve taken to drinking a hot tea of organic cayenne, organic apple cider vinegar and raw unfiltered organic honey each night. Love it. Great for joint inflammation. Cayenne increases circulation, stimulates healing, and helps keep the heart healthy. In fact, the father of modern herbalism, John Christopher, says that he has stopped heart attacks with cayenne tea, as hot as could be tolerated.

Peppermint Tea: I love peppermint tea after a big meal. Helps settle the stomach and is great for gas, especially if combined with cardamom and fennel. I just love the taste of peppermint

White Tea: Green tea is great but white tea actually has even more antioxidants. What is white tea? Basically, it’s green tea leaves that are picked when the plant is very young. White tea, as a rule, is minimally processed.

Lemon Balm Tea: Lemon balm is one of those tonic herbs I mentioned at the beginning. It’s one of the best teas to drink long term for tonic effects. Some experience digestion improvement with lemon balm while others say it helps with insomnia. In addition, lemon balm (official name, Melissa officinalis) can be helpful for giving the body some extra support to prevent or reduce herpes outbreaks.

As with everything I put into my body, I definitely look for organic herbal tea. That’s because non-organic teas may contain pesticides. Read Pesticides in Tea. Biggest offenders on this list? Lipton (Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label Black Tea), Tetley, Twinings, Red Rose, Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea), King Cole, Signal

In addition, I use teas from companies that also use safe materials in the bags that hold the tea. I used to have a list of those that passed muster but have since lost it. I’ve decided to go with loose tea from now on since I won’t have to wonder what is in the bag itself.