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How to use herbs

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I have studied herbology for many years now. I love the energy of herbal medicines. I have grown to trust the wisdom of nature and look to natural medicines for almost every health challenge I might face.

Sometimes the remedy will be homeopathic or nutritional. Other times, an herbal medicine will do the trick and restore me to balance. I’ve found there are natural ways to help the body deal with illness and disease. This is not to say that a condition should not be diagnosed. Whether you decide to go to an allopathic doctor or to seek natural treatments or some combination of those, it’s good to know as precisely as possible what’s going on with your body.

STRONG DISCLAIMER: If you have a medical condition, please note that the following information is, in no way, to be construed as a substitute for any needed medical attention. Personally, I would only see a doctor when I have an acute condition that has progressed past the point where natural medicines would have time to work, or if there is an injury requiring surgical intervention, or if I just don’t know what is wrong and need diagnostic testing.

Yet, I certainly don’t suggest this avenue with anyone who isn’t aware of the dangers of self-treatment and willing to be self-responsible. Each person has to decide how they want to approach their health care and they must be willing to self-monitor as they use natural remedies.

Using Herbs Effectively

Working with herbs is a wonderful journey into natural health and wellness that, when approached with respect, responsibility and a sense of exploration can yield dividends for the rest of your days. I hope that you explore this amazing field in more depth and feel free to contact me with any specific questions.

Of course, as mentioned before, this information is given strictly for educational purposes and not intended to replace any current medical treatment you may have chosen. I believe herbs provide a viable supplementation to traditional medicines and, for some like myself, are the preferred method of treatment. We’re all adults here. Make wise choices; choices which work for you. Self treatment requires self-responsibility and monitoring. Don’t try it if you aren’t willing to explore, expand and learn what may now be new to you.

Something to remember about natural medicines as opposed to prescription drugs is that more time is typically required to see results. Healing, the natural way, goes to the core of the problem where much of Western Medicine deals with the cessation of symptoms.

To the Naturopath, symptoms are seen as clues to the problem of origin, and not as something to be treated but to be monitored as treatment progresses. Of course, in some cases, temporary relief of symptoms is called for, if one has to work or cannot afford to take time off to let the body do it’s job of naturally dealing with imbalances.

There is a quick fix mentality in medicine and consumers are partners with doctors in the approach. We all just want the symptom to go away so we can get on with our lives. The body will respond to symptom relief temporarily but if there is an underlying condition or core cause, the condition will resurface. Occasional relief of symptoms can be helpful to get rest and to carry on until a deeper investigation of the condition is possible but it is not wise to habitually depend the “quick fix” of the antacid, the headache remedy, the sleeping pill, or the nerve pill, instead of dealing with the core imbalances.

Self-Monitoring with Natural Medicines
Natural Remedies Take Time