Dangerous foods for dogs

What not to feed your doggie friends

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

It isn’t just chocolate that may harm your pet

I have known for a long time that you aren’t supposed to feed dogs chocolate, especially little dogs, because it can kill them. However, I did not realize how many common foods might be harmful to dogs.

A lot of the foods I’ve seen listed might not be dangerous for your dog but might cause stomach upset, diarrhea or other temporary discomforts. These include dairy, coconut oil and nuts.

I was surprised to see that you should not give dogs undercooked meat or bones. I had always thought they had special enzymes or something to protect them since they will eat anything. Turns out they are susceptible to salmonella and ecoli same as humans. Undercooked eggs are another no-no for four-legged friends.

This is just a PARTIAL list of the more dangerous foods to avoid. Don’t treat it as complete. Before you give your dog any kind of human table food, instead of food designed to be eaten by dogs, check the internet. You may be surprised.

Partial list of foods dangerous to dogs:

Grapes/raisins (can actually be very harmful)
Quinoa (might be ok if rinsed. has something on surface that is not good for dogs. I’d just skip it.)
Coffee or alcohol (really, who would do that? apparently, someone did. It’s a warning on the link I’ve listed as a resource)

For more on risky and/or dangerous foods to feed dogs, visit the ASPCA site page on Animal Poison Control

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