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Coping with Addiction – Articles that provide guidance for those struggling with drug addiction.
Nutritional Guidance and Lifestyle Center Event – Information on the nutritional benefits of phytochemicals such as those in cruciferous veggies and Phase II enzymes in the fight against cancer.
Adventures in sunflower-covered fields – Enthusiastically descriptive adventures of my friend Susan, traipsing thru the countryside with glee, grace and ease.
Susan dancing thru Europe – More colorful and fun images from the journey my friend is taking.
While the sun goes away – What came into my awareness on the day of this solar eclipse.
Breaking free of the grip of fear

Article Series on Hybrid Cars:
Why should you go hybrid? – Are there enough reasons to justify buying a hybrid?
Thinking of buying a hybrid? – Learn about the different types of hybrid cars that are avaiable before deciding on a gas-electric hybrid for yourself.
Want a tax break? – The government is giving tax breaks for the purchase of a gas-electric hybrid car. Learn more about getting a tax break when you go hybrid.
Are gas-electric hybrids better? – What are the true benefits of driving a hybrid car?
Who is making gas-electric cars? – Is your favorite car manufacturer offering, or planning to offer a hybrid model? Find out which car manufacturers are offering gas-electric alternatives.
Bentov’s Bell Curve
Another kind of money
Help for traumatic brain injuries
Tough Love Casting
Why we need the protection of Antioxidants
Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA Strains
Articles on natural wellness
The Satan Frequency
Articles About Bursitis
What are antioxidants?
Why Do We Suffer?
Plant Medicines as Spiritual Tools
Weighing Prescription Drug Risks
The Medicine of Fly
Woman Speaks
Are your adrenals tired
Liquid Nutrition Information
Energetic Herbal Bundles
Principles of homeopathic medicine
Common nutritional deficiencies in elders
Doing what you came to do

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