The Frequency of Be Careful

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Frequency of Being Careful

I was on my way home from the Matrix Energetics seminar in New York.

I had stopped by Hampton, Virginia to cavort on the beach with my friend Andrea, and to visit the Unity church where she went. I also saw and spoke with some friends I had not seen since 2000. All in all, I had traveled around 1,200 miles by the time I headed to see my sister in Shelby, NC.

I should say that this trip was a miracle, truly. Before M.E. (Matrix Energetics) I had trouble driving more than 4 hours in any given day.

Now, here I was doing what would have felt impossible before Matrix Energetics. On this trip, there were two days during my trip that I drove over 10 hours. And wasn’t as tired as I would have been previously with 4. How did I accomplish this feat? With a consciousness technology tool I learned at the seminar. I created a parallel self who loves to drive and turned the car over to her!

So here I was, heading away from the Matrix experience and feeling so good. I would be going fairly near to a place that I could shoot off to North Carolina and visit her and still be in a trajectory for finally making it back to my own home in Alabama so I called her to invite myself for a visit. At the end of the conversation she said … be careful.


It was in all caps, the way she said it. Slow and deliberate. I answered “I’ll be cheerful.”

She said it again later. BE CAREFUL.

I said I would be a chair full of chocolate strawberry double fudge ice cream.

When I finally got to her place after getting lost and stuck in traffic and suddenly realizing that part of the reason was because I lost my flow, I asked her to tell me what she felt was
beneath her BE CAREFUL. In a moment, she realized and said it was “fear”. And I added worry and stress.

I shared with her how I had unconsciously shifted my own field by entangling with the lower vibration of the BE CAREFUL and had ended up taking hours longer to get to her house than it should have taken. In considering conscious speech, I asked if she would mind just telling me to Drive well. And then I got the phrase that I insist people use when in that state about travel.

Enjoy your safe drive.

To me, that encodes taking care and being alert and, at the same time, keeps the frequency high with the word enjoy – in joy. Since that experience, I’ve never quite captured the ease of driving I had on that one trip. However, it shines as potential for my future and I keep visioning-in this Neva who loves to drive and whose body experiences pain-free, relaxed car trips regardless of duration.