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When I was in Los Angeles, I took a couple of comedy improv classes with a fella named Paul Ryan. He sends out emails every once in a while about events in the area. Just got one from Paul about an event I’d probably attend if I were in the area. It’s called “The Mega Way”.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and have an interest in organic food preparation, energy medicine healing or spiritual aspects of creating wellness, you might want to call for more info on these workshops.

Here is what the Mega Way folks say about their services:
We are a team of holistic, spiritual health professionals and organic chefs, who truly care about YOUR well being and are here to guide you towards the GREAT HEALTH you’ve always desired!

Visit The Mega Way Website or Call 310-623-4444 for more details!!

5% of all sales go to The Love Foundation for a greener earth
5% of all sales go to The Children’s Worlswide Foundation

Amusing side note:

It’s fascinating to me how quickly people dismiss what they may find unfamiliar. If there is no familiar concept involved, this type of event gets labeled “wacky” or “quackery”.

Of course, there are events that deserve that label but what shocks me is how easy it is just to dismiss something you don’t know about.

There is a listing on craigslist, where you can read the entire ad that I also received.

The entire tone of the poster, in my opinion, is of someone who had a kneejerk reaction to something unfamiliar.

From the way they started the post, talking about a “wacky” actress, I wonder how much of the response was triggered by preconcieved notions about acting and actors in general and how much is about the content of the press release itself.

Of course, this poster and myself share some similar concerns about scientology. My concerns are based on actual experience with scientology. I read the main book on it. I went to the scientology headquarters and sensed what was there in person before saying anything yeah or nay about it. I talked to defecters from scientology, more than one, and got their side of the story.

I am not sure what this poster’s concerns are based on but, again, the comment about scientology is a little suspect to me because of the poster’s obvious distain for the actress who sent the email in the first place.

However, in the interest of fairness, here’s another view on The Mega Way.

My organic foods favorites

Shamanic Facilitator Offering Retreat

About Claudia Rosewolf

Spiritual Events with Shamanic Practitioner, Claudia Rosewolf

Suggested Reading from the Wellness Library:
The Shaman Path

Shamanism Questions

Some friends of mine host periodic spiritual events. This page used to host a notice about an upcoming workshop with Claudia Rosewolf, a Shamanic Practitioner. I am leaving this notice on the website indefinitely because, even if the May event has passed, you may contact Jean to see what other events might be coming soon.

Claudia Rosewolf has several videos on youtube about her path as a Shaman. She talks about Sacred Coversation, and how to explore what level of communication we are engaged in at the present moment, with our Source.

She also has a video, or did at time of this update on February 20, 2016, on the subject of soul retrieval.

Some of the explorations that may occur in a Claudia Rosewolf workshop include:

* exploring your conflict avoidance and how it shows up in your life
* noticing the times you preserve peace at any cost
* developing the gift of your soul

Claudia may ask you to bring a food dish to share for lunch, pillow, blanket, joyful noise making instruments (rattles, drums, bells, singing bowls, etc.) any special foods you might need (special diet foods, drinks, snacks etc.
Please contact Jean Weeden at 865 .. 922 … 0974 if interested in any upcoming retreats with Claudia Rosewolf and remember, her retreats are alcohol and drug free.

Claudia Rosewolf on Soul Retrieval

Will You Be There Pangea Day?

Pangea Day….Taking Global Prayer to a new and powerful level through Vision…seeing is believing we are all related.

I wrote about Pangea Day in earlier posts;
The day the world comes together
Update on Pangea Day Event

If you are affliated with any type of meditation group or spiritual group, why not consider hosting a Pangea Day event? It will be a wonderful way to strengthen the energetic gridlines around understanding, tolerance and healing.

This event will present remarkable views into the lives of people from all cultures, all religious faiths, all types of background. There were 1,500 hundred film submissions for this remarkable, once in a lifetime event.

I submitted my Pangea Day film. If you didn’t get a submission in, please visit the website on details on how you can still be involved.

In my video submission, I suggested that maybe we (meaning the global family) could witness for one another and help one another heal through caring. It is a prayer that I am certainly not alone in praying.

Mastermind Meetings for Conscious Filmmakers

Mastermind Meetings in Los Angeles, for those interested in Spiritual Cinema

If you are in the Los Angeles area, there is a great organization that you might want to contact…an organization with a different vision for where the film industry is headed. This group wants to foster relationships and support vision for consious media, transformative media, film for the soul.

ISEE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Transformational Media. The members of ISEE, which stands for The Institute for Synergy and Enlightened Entertainment, is comprised of entertainment industry professionals who create and promote uplifting entertainment that makes a difference. ISEE is a unique production company that supports conscious filmmakers and their creative process.

This organization has recently started what they call “Mastermind Meetings” where conscious filmmakers or producers share their experiences on creating transformational media.

In February, the ISEE Mastermind Meeting featured two different filmmakers who shared their experiences on making their own feature films: Jsu Garcia of Spiritual Warrior and Darryl Anka of Life Goes On.

ISEE plans to continue to have experienced and inspiring speakers monthly in a friendly intimate atmosphere. Discussions and connections will continually be made pertaining to creating and distributing films and other projects in this genre.

After having already produced several short films, they are now working in conjunction with others on feature films as well. They invite you to bring your talents and enthusiasm with you.

Why not contact ISEE and find out when their next Mastermind Meeting will be held? Consider becoming a member of ISEE. When you attend, you are encouraged to bring guests who are experienced in the Entertainment Industry and who have a passion for making a positive difference through media

P.O. Box 260101
Encino, California 91426
(310) 770-0011

The Day the World Comes Together

A vision for creating human understanding among all Earth’s inhabitants finally has come to fruition in a way that everyone can participate
Except for any noted source material, content copyright, Neva. J. Howell, all rights reserved

I kind of think of this idea as global prayer through vision instead of words; through energy and heart rather than syllables of meaning….

Like most people, I lend supportive energy toward this dream of world peace that seems so huge but that is, in reality, just the result of individual peace collected.

I really like the idea this woman, Jehane, has about how we might light the fire of world peace in the most powerful way.

She has petitioned an organization called TED for grant money to create a film….it is very difficult to describe what that film could mean.

Please visit the Pangea Day website and listen to the simply eloquent and truly heart-driven passion of this one woman, standing humbly and powerfully with her vision in hand, speaking of why she has been driven to bring a film like no other to the planet.

The question asked by Pangea Day is:

If you had just 10 minutes to say something to the entire world, what would you say?

Film submissions are being accepted for this remarkable film project, Pangea Day, right now.

When watching, I thought of what my 10 minutes might be about…..what is that I have experienced that I would most want to communicate to others?

In this moment, just as I’m typing this, it occurs to me that it would be about understand the far-reaching effects of violence on children and how, whether that violence is from war, abuse or neglect, it tucks away the essence of the innocent being and sometimes for life. Til we heal that child within each person, peace cannot come.

Well, it’s one thing to write a paragraph here….quite another to think of how I might put that in a film. Whether I do or not, my witness stands in support of
Pangea Day. Let it truly be the day the world comes together in understanding.