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Health Questions and General Health Post Archives, Volume 2

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Questions on health and wellness, from the archives

Bulletproof coffee review – Thinking of upgrading your coffee? Is it worth the bucks?

Channeling Supernanny? – It isn’t a role I’ve stepped into often yet I find myself in a position of counseling a mother on positive communication skills and loving it.

How much detoxing is too much? – Symptoms that can signal a detox overload, or what is called a healing crisis.

Taming Internal Inflammation – Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition and Supplementation for reducing inflammation in the body.

The Frustrating Sound of Your Heart in your Ears – What can cause pulsatile tinnitus or just a temporary feeling of hearing your own heartbeat in your ears.
Are you taking arginine? – Learn more about how arginine works and about potential risks if you have herpes.
How to flush the liver and gallbladder – Free report on request detailing an effective liver and gallbladder flush.

Hidden source of formaldehyde toxicity – If certain clothes itch you or make you feel bad, it could be due to added formaldehyde.

Salmonella Outbreak Report – Information about food recalls involving salmonella toxicity.

Unusual Physical Symptom – What could it mean when you have a sudden flash of heat that feels like it is running up your spine?

Can vitamins fight high cholesterol? – Information on the use of niacin to help control high cholesterol levels.

What causes chronic headaches? – A list of potential causes for a longterm headache and some possible resolutions for chronic headaches.

Fast Track Weight Loss – Freebies from Kim Lyons, of Biggest Loser program, to get you on the fast track to losing weight.

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