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Tired of hearing about antioxidants? – Ever wonder why so many natural healing practitioners and alternative medicine providers harp on anxiodants so much? Find out why they are so important for sustaining health.
A Shocking Source of Zinc Poisoning – If you use denture adhesives, it is vital that you check with your doctor and get tested for zinc toxicity, should you use one of the adhesives that are being implicated in a huge list of health challenges. Fixodent, Poligrip and Super Poligrip are three adhesives that should not be used.
Do you suffer from MCS – Do perfumes, fumes, paint and other strong odors cause you physical discomfort? My may have multiple chemical sensitivities.
Foot Reflexology Side Effects – Fatique after a foot reflexology session may indicate detoxing. Read more about side effects of reflexology.
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Is your well water safe – Growing up in the country, I grew thinking well water was safer than city water. Now, I read that runoff from rural farms that use pesticides may make well water very toxic indeed.
Health Product Recall – If you use a medtronics product, please read this important notice of recall of some medtronics products.
The Cellular Language of Health – Are your cells getting the message that you want to be healthy?
Why your food should not be irradiated – You are what you eat … say no to irradiation. There are better ways to keep our food free of harmful bacteria than zapping it.
Curvacious? – You might be healthier if you’ve got some hefty curves to your figure.

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