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Recommended for Heavy Metals Detoxing: PCA

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

More than a Heavy Metals Detox!

UPDATE: PCA is no longer available due to the FDA interfering in what sounds like a very aggressive and even military way to stop this company from producing their health supplements. I hope PCA will once again be available in the future. At time of this update (9-11-2015) it is not available for purchase. For info on other options for detoxing effectively please visit My detox articles page.

If all this formula did was safely detox heavy metals, that alone would make it important. However, PCA-rx does a lot more than detox heavy metals – it also detoxes herbicide residuals, virus remnants, pesticide residuals and other toxins without taxing your liver. In fact, it contains substances that support healthy liver function, something I find unique in the heavy metals detox world.

Are You Storing Harmful Amounts of Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Thallium and other heavy metals? What is the best way to cleanse heavy metals from the system?

Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m really big on detoxing the body. I know that not everyone agrees with this idea that the body gets toxic from an overload of pollutants. That’s ok. I”m not talking to those folks.

I am absolutely certain that our bodies take in far more environmental pollutants than they can reasonably be expected to process. Detoxing, for me, is a no-brainer. I do this on a spiritual level, by continually cleansing my thought processes, detoxing limiting belief systems, releasing negative emotions so why not take the same care with this physical vessel that houses my spiritual being?

In particular, I’ve been looking for decades (literally) for a really effective, safe heavy metal detox because I believe heavy metals toxicity to be at the root of a host of health challenges. The list of symptoms of heavy metal poisoning is quite a long one and a book could be (and probably has been) written on the impact of these heavy metals alone.

I’ve tried EDTA, cilantro and several well-known heavy metal cleanses. All created very unpleasant detox symptoms that went beyond what I was willing to endure. These symptoms included muscle cramps, heart palpitations, constipation, abdominal cramping, intense headaches, nausea and more.

I believe the ones that caused muscle cramps did so because, along with the heavy metals, they also chelated out helpful minerals the muscles (including the heart muscles) need to function properly.

Then I read about PCA-rx peptide clathration agent. Several differences between this heavy metal cleanse and all others I had read about or experienced were enough for me to decide to order it, despite the cost.

Not sure if you have heavy metal toxicity?
Test Heavy Metals Levels at Home

A note on price variations: If you see pca-rx at a drastically lower price than what is listed on the main site above, please make sure that reseller is on the authorized reseller list. This is a good practice with any product that allows retailers to buy wholesale and resell online. Make sure you are getting the real thing.

Peptide Clathration Detoxes AND is Good for the Liver:
The first thing that made me sit up and take notice was that PCA-rx was actually good for the liver. This had been a major concern in the past because most heavy metal cleansers and chelators I knew about were hard on the liver and/or the kidneys.

PCA-rx Peptide Clathration Agent does not chelate vital minerals unless there is an excess:
The second big difference I noted with PCA-rx was that it does not chelate out helpful minerals like calcium and magnesium. The only exception to that rule is if there is an excess in the body, in which case chelating out the excess would seem to be a good thing to me.

Completely binds heavy metals:
Another plus with PCA-rx over other heavy metals cleanses I’d researched is that it completely binds the heavy metals and keeps them bound til they leave the body via colon, kidneys or vapor. If a cleanse doesn’’t bind the toxic metals, they can just be loosened up, moved around and redeposited. Sometimes, the redeposit will be concentrated and make the symptoms worse.

Potent Ingredients:

PCA-rx is chock full of ingredients I’ve used with success separately so I was intriqued by what might be the synergistic effect of supplements such as hyaluronic acid, blue-green algae, fulvic and lipoic acids, chlorella, phytoplankton. helpful bacteria and ionic sea minerals. In addition, I’d read good things about some of the other ingredients including glycine acetylcysteine and gluthione.

Not just for heavy metal detox:
And finally, I liked that this peptide formula addressed several important areas of toxicity I didn’t expect to see including chelating out pesticide residue and the residue left over from old viruses.

At the time of this post, I had been on the PCA-rx for about 10 days. Since then, I finished one bottle and during all the time I took it, I noticed only minor fatique and no other detox crisis symptoms at all.

I started with half the maximum dosage of 8 sprays. I stayed at half, or 4 sprays, for about a week and then increased to 5.

Beneficial changes I noticed included better sleep and less joint pain.

Just ordered my fourth bottle. Want to keep using this. Update, 2016: Unfortunately, the FDA has decided to take this remarkable product off the market. If it again becomes available, I’ll update this page.

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