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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Exploring the quantum field; playing with energetic frequencies

ps. Think you might want to experience the morphic field of Matrix Energetics? The best way I know, short of attending a seminar, is to listen to The Matrix Energetics Experience. Highly recommended for spiritual expansion and exploration, and fun!

I traveled to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York after reading a book called Matrix Energetics, by a man named Richard Bartlett. The book talked about something called a 2-point, which was a way of measuring. According to quantum physics, the act of measuring collapses the current reality into a space where something new can emerge. It was spiritually intriguing to me and I also felt energetic alignment with Richard Bartlett.

I wanted to learn more about M.E. because it felt so similar to what I already understood about energetic healing and transformation and I felt I would benefit from playing for a while in that field of energy.

I did so thoroughly enjoy the experience. Matrix Energetics helped affirm a lot of what I had always instinctively known, helped me expand beyond places where I was stuck in a lot of belief systems and old paradigms, and gave me permission to play more than any other modality I’ve ever “studied”.

I have posted several posts about Matrix Energetics and hope to post more as I keep playing with the quantum field energetically.

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