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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

My Diary Posts, Part Two:
I guess any of these could go under articles. They are here instead because they felt more personal and private. My spiritual path teaches me that we learn from each other so I share as much as I feel safe to share, in hopes it may help another on the path.
Diary Posts Archives
An Unlikely Spiritual Hero – Recognizing the profoundly spiritual in the simple, loving act of daily life.
What Don McLean Taught me Today – The power of three manifests a message about family connections.
A new way of living – Seeking that path of joy, wishing to infuse my life with it, I ask the question I’ve asked so often before.
What is Freedom for me? – Freedom doesn’t equal free in all the ways that matter. Seeking the spiritual meaning behind physical change that looks like freedom.
There is Nothing Wrong Here – When it feels like something has gone awry, it could just mean there’s been a spiritual change of significance.
Bogging Down in Flow – When it feels like nothing is happening, I need to check whether I’m hanging on to the sides of the river.
The Stand of the Awake – A moment of clarity on the futility of resisting life itself.
The Wandering Spirit – Paring down my life to such a level of simplicity that I cannot escape my Self and my self. Being with me.
Four Powerful Spiritual Statements – I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.
Playing my way to enlightenment – It’s been tough. I’m not sure it had to be; I’m sure I made the best choices I could at every step on the journey and now, I’m in a position to make a playful shift that can transform my transforming.
Out of Balance with Right Action – Discovering that I have strayed from the core of my own integrity; a spiritual adjustment.
Lying in the Bed I Made – Transformative fire in the body and what it teaches me about my path.
Having too much fun? – The frequency of joy and abundance flows over me in a time of spiritual alignment.
Transformative Energy Balls – A fun way to release negatives and collective mindsets that tap into tangles of belief systems that stall you out.
When dreams come true – My dream job manifests and wow, what a ride that turns out to be. To read the entire journey, visit the Omega section

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