Neva’s Diary 3

Personal Messages Shared for Spiritual Edification

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Walking the Path of the Divinely Human, Humanly Divine Beings
My diary posts are shared as a spiritual teaching, chronicling my own path toward more I AM in my own life. I share the tough times, the down times, the times of doubting, fearing and worry as well as the up times where I feel alignment and feel connected to Source energy in a way that my life has flow. I hope my own journey may in some way edify you as the story of so many others on the awakening path has edified me.
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Feeling emotions you know are not yours – Why empathic connections can lead to empathic overload – the challenge of being open to empathic gifts.
The Animal Medicine of Groundhog – Groundhogs everywhere and what that might mean to me on a spiritual level.
Jasymn commenting on groundhog medicine – Reader also seeing groundhogs everywhere and thinking the message may be that winter is over….figuratively speaking.
Me, reflecting back on groundhog medicine – Interesting to look back at groundhog as a totem post thru the window of past experience.
Testing the reality of a new reality – Trying on my new world shoes in a walk-about in Walmart.
Noticing where my lifeforce energy is being expended – Lessons in letting go of what does not edify and uplift. Identifying unhealthy drains to my lifeforce energy.
Noticing where my lifeforce energy is being expended – What is most preciously prized by the ego can sometimes be the thing that holds sacredly aligned manifestation back.
A Karaoke Enlightenment Experience – Sharing space with my family unit in a way that delighted and in-lighted.
More Karaoke Enlightenment – One man decides to give rather than toss extra food and makes a difference in his community.
Ouch, I said that….. – I hate it when my own words come back to bite me in the ego.
Oprah show teaches me something – Common frequency noted in those who are manifesting wealth at an early age.
The financial crunch – Discovering metaphysical laws of abundance as I count out pennies, literally.
Are we being watched? – Well, duh. The question is who is watching and why.
What is Left When There is No Role to Fill – Sadness expressed as I realize I no longer have the comfort of previously held dreams, roles or goals.
Spiritual Serenades – The Eagles bring a spiritual message that reminds me of an earlier one. Spiritual guidance thru songs that just pop into your head is well worth heeding, at least in my own experience.
The Grandmother Gathering – I’ve been invited. I am stressed and in a lot of ego-worry about the trip. My physical health, the money thing, my motives for going, etc.
Gearing up for New Mexico – Whether spiritually called or just ego-baited, I’m heading to Truth or Consequences. Is it my perfect place to live?
The best and worst of times – Feeling like David Copperfield after a spiritual odyssey to New Mexico. Wrung out, and not sure why I went…or why I came back.
Those we leave behind – Spiritual surrender lessons come to a head as the final surrender looms.

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