Neva’s Diary 4

Part Four of the Healthy Choices Wellblog Diary Entries

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

People, events and energy that inspire me, teach me, help me grow as a spiritual being
This diary list starts with a tribute to the woman who gave me birth. Mothers are the unsung heros of the world, in many respects. Because they are there from the moment of birth, mothers may be taken for granted. I know I chose my mother. I remember choosing and I remember why. I’ve forgotten it at various times in my life. This post was a time when I remembered to honor my mother.
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Dreams of Spiritual Awakening – Impossible pipe dream of the ego?
Energetic Responsibility – How my past choices created a non-progressive now.
High Level Choices – Making choices in a new way of not making choices at all, save one.
Miracle Mineral Supplement Update – Have you been looking for MMS? Here’s a reputable online source.
The Luminous Egg – Are there parallel dimensions just right here among three-d reality?
Extracting Your DNA – Can we remove ourselves from physical elements of our past?
“On the Other Side” Unsymptoms – When did we stop having acceleration symptoms?
Soul Contracts – Is it time to break or renegotiate contracts you made earlier, or in other incarnations?
11:11 – What was the 11:11 transmission like for you? Here’s what I experienced in dreamtime.
New Reality Transmission – More info on transmissions gridline of 11:11:11
Releasing Story – Who am I if I release all story about who I am or have been?
Ecuador Shift – Exploring new directions? So was I. Why Ecuador shook me to my core.
Accelerating, Much? Spiritual Acceleration Symptoms.
Compassionate Response – What does it really mean to respond to life and life’s situations with true compassion?
Dead Leaves Running – A moment in the now, in the present, never to be repeated exactly as such, ever again.
The effort of being – When doing is all around and the mind says get with the doing already, just being can present it’s own kind of work.
Incessant noise a genuine life challenge – Are you like me? Do you hear everything and wish you didn’t hear most of it? Hums, buzzing, bass generator sounds, grrrhhhh!
Talk about a throat chakra clearing! – Every once in a while, amid the fluff and junk on television, there comes a moment that elevates the Spirit and transmits the frequency of healing in the way I believe God intended television to be used. This was one such moment.
Unusual winter weather – I’m certainly not the only one noticing very unusual weather patterns. Maybe if all of us post what’s going on, a larger pattern can emerge.
Reminded of a gem from Jewel – In the end, it will be kindness that is remembered, kindness that transmuted, kindness that transcended.
Gilda Radner inspires a teaching – Thank you Gilda, for your courage and inspired life. The cancer of distraction may be dogging me. If I can remember your path and wisdom, it will not win.
I love this idea! – What would you do if, in your hour of need, a total stranger offered you a gift that would change your reality on the spot? What would it feel like to be the stranger offering this gift?
Catching myself in a moment of judgment – Noticing the difference between discernment and judgment and finding myself on the nonprogressive side of that fence.
Losing the fresh bloom of awakening – Remember when you first became aware and awake to the glory of life? I do. And I realized yesterday that I had lost some of my joy around that reality.

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