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Diary Posts from Neva

My diary contains posts that do not fit in other categories. A lot of the time, they pertain to whatever I might be going through or thinking about and, hopefully, can help others who might be dealing with similar challenges or going thru similar situations.

I know I am inspired when I read the stories of others who shift and transform thinking and living situations or who gain wisdom from the stumbles and wobbles of life so I’m hoping the reverse may also be true.

This is an ongoing spiritual category so if it interests you, please register for free to be notified when new diary posts are made.

The diary also occasionally includes articles that just don’t fit anywhere else or about which I have personal experience or input.

This list is not complete. I’m adding as I find time to update.


Noise Driving Me Crazy
Felicity Huffman’s Memorable Scream
A Pondering About Global Warming
The Impact and Importance of Being Kind
The Cancer of Distraction
Secretly Gifting
I’ve Become Spiritually Jaded
Fighting My Reality

Really Frustrated with Bursitis Pain
Busted on Bursitis by Louise Hay
Spiritual Blessing in Bursitis
Taking Leave of my Senses
What Makes Christmas Worth the Fuss?
Why Do Healers Get Ill?
You Gotta Laugh About Aging
Another New Year, Another Resolution
Where I am Now with the Resolution
Failing My Resolution, Again
Two Words That Changed My Life
About the Work of Bruno Groening
Medicine Dream About Male/Female Balance
Another Male/Female Balance Dream
Why Do We Choose Suffering?
My Favorite Christian Inspirational
Heartbeat of the Mother – Drumming Frequencies
Whole Lotta Drummin’ Going On
The Spiritual Richness of Family Times
When the Other Person Won’t Talk
The Healing Power of Water
Going Home Again in Dreamtime
Are dreams valuable guidance?
Two People, Eerily similar dreams
Scientology and Tom
The Enneagram Personality System
Spiritual Films and the Visionaries Who Make Them
Grammys 2008
Seeing How I Really Am
What is the Spiritual Medicine of Fly?
More on insect totems
Honoring a Medicine Dog
Putting a value on my own time
Success Secrets
The Vast Potential of Total Change
Moving abuse frequencies out of the body
Honoring those who have passed

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