Camping in Monaco and Sunflower Rapture

Camping in Monaco – A Rapture of Sunflowers

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Susan Grace, Dancing Around the World

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This is the second soul adventure post from my friend, Susan Grace. Her first post talked mostly about the intentional community at
Then, she was off to Monaco and on to Lourdes. She says of Damanhur:

Damanhur – very well run community – very focused community – very Atlantis.
Had a lovely stay there though didn’t resonate strongly with it. they have the same ideology most of us do – sustainability, life for all, all is connected, etc. they are also strongly centered on research and the new human along the line of the traditional Atlantis sacred language, dance, art, healing. they are holding a strong energy for our emerging planet and i respect them deeply for that.

Left there driving through the french alps popping out on the other side in Monaco.

Damanhur – Monaco…what a contrast!

On to Frejus. What a pleasant place. Then, boating along the coast of Cannes, visiting an island run by monks, snorkeling for my first time! Fun, fun, fun.

Left Frejus, headed for Lourdes.

We borrowed a tent and finally used it on a southern France mediterranean beach. Glorious, simply glorious. Best tent ever! It sets up in 2 seconds. It folds into a round about 3 foot apart. You remove one piece of elastic and it jumps up into a complete tent instantly. Amazing. Sleeps 2 people comfortably and easily could sleep one more person. Great fire and delicious picnic dinner to the symphonic play of the waves.

Played on the beach the next morning gathering beach “left behinds” creating a little home away from home complete with a new beach chair, a pair of beach shoes, sand shovels, sun umbrella, mini volleyball, flag upon which I drew and colored hearts – Olivier erected it on an 8 foot pole….we were as children…so much fun.

Driving backroads through the mountains and coming into the most gigantic grotto cave I’ve ever seen – we drove through it on the road.

Camped again on other side of grotto next to a river and flower filled pasture. bathed in river, built a fire, fixed picnic dinner, popped tent and voila! another day comes to a close. Waking to a drawing crowd to watch bungee jumpers from top of grotto to river below.

Driving through fantastic Pyrenees and miles and miles and miles
and miles

and miles and miles and miles

and miles


giant sunflower beds all in various stages of blossom and drying…I tell you truthfully, if they had all been in full bloom at the same time as we passed through I surely would have experienced rapture and evaporated! This area must be the sunflower capitol of the world.

Resting this night in a sweet hotel room very near to Lourdes where we will visit tomorrow. Will remember you all in my prayers there.

All is well. Great joy and expansion happening here. Dancing 98% of my days. Artist is re-awakening. Could just be the energy of this know, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, etc. played here.

Hope all is well with you,