FDA-Approved non-invasive testing

Accurate Heart Screening Pulsewave Analyzers, FDA-approved
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

FDA-Approved Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Screening Test

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Today, I had a fascinating health screening test done. I sat down in front of a computer, warmed my fingertips on a heating pad to improve circulation and had a clamp placed on my first finger of my left hand for about 3 minutes as the computer did it’s thing.

What was I doing? I was taking the new Digital PulseWave Analyzer, which is an FDA cleared early warning detection device. It is quite comprehensive as I mentioned, replacing 7 tests normally done by your cardiologist. In fact, I’m told many cardiologists are now using the Digital PulseWave Analyzer because it is so accurate.

However, I should also mention that the same people doing the testing are also selling a product for cardiovascular health. Any time you have a company promoting a product and also testing to see if you need it, that throws up a red flag.

If it were not done in the office of a holistic health professional I’ve known for years and trust with my health, I might have been more skeptical. However, the fact that doctors are using it and also that the FDA has cleared it for this specific, vital use speaks volumes to me.

My Cardiovascular Test Results from the DPA:
I’m basically as old as I am, within a year. In other words, my arteries are in about the shape one would expect them to be in at my age.

However, they could be better in certain areas and the test was very, very specific as to what those areas were. For example, my carotid arteries in the neck were fine but an important “notch” that appeaers in something called a “PTG Waveform” graphic was missing. This is not necessarily abnormal for my age but it is a sign that aging is occurring and perhaps, faster in that area than it should be.

It didn’t surprise me. As I’ve written on this blog, my new year’s resolution was to focus on doing three specific things each morning to restore my health to optimal. I do not exercise much and have never done so. In fact, given the lack of exercise over most my life, it’s surprising my results were as good as they were, particularly given the fact that I did have high cholesterol a year ago. I brought it down with one of the products this company sells, called Argenix. Argenix and Cardio Cocktail Review

When I first took Argenix, I was in dire straits. I mean that I could barely walk for five minutes without feeling pressure in my chest and down my left arm and I even had the pinching sensation in the chin that is common with women, in particular, before having a heart attack or during one. I went to an emergency room with my symptoms and was asked by the doctor on call to wait, and not even drive the three miles to the hospital. He wanted to call an ambulance. I declined and, instead called a health care professional I trusted, who did Kinethesiology, muscle testing.

One thing I like about holistic practitioners is that they are not so hell-bent on genetic disposition. I was never put in the position of saying, heart disease runs in my family. Doctor’s in western medicine put a great deal of emphasis on this. I’m not saying it isn’t significant to look at family health paradigms, practices and beliefs. But I certainly don’t take on the “it runs in my family” life sentence when it comes to heart disease.

Luckily, she let me come at the end of what was an incredibly long day for her already and she muscle-tested me. My body revealed 5 partial blockages. I tested good for Argenix so I started it that night. Even with the first dose, I was breathing better than I had in months and could walk further. For me it was truly a miracle worker. I don’t like that it is in an MLM structure and I rarely talk well of any product in that structure but how can I not rave about something I fell truly saved my life.

Within a month, I was walking several miles a day with no chest or arm pain. This was several years ago. When I felt I was getting in a bit of trouble again, I went back and tried their new product., called CardioCocktail which has EDTA in it, unlike the Argenix.

I’m planning to take the CardioCocktail for at least two months, maybe three and then be retested. If I see (and feel in my day to day activities) that there is improvement, I’ll post the results here.

I do know when I took the Argenix last year, I saw massive improvement in energy levels, reduction of restless leg sensations, better sleep and weight loss. I also literally felt the Argenix go through one of the arteries that had muscle-tested to be congested. It was an amazing thing, how much that first dose helped me so I am curious to find out what the CardioCocktail can do.

I would say it’s worth the time to get the test done, whether you buy the product or not. However, keep in mind that they will try to sell it to you, for sure.

I was very happy to see that there were no life-threatening problems in my cardiovascular system. Since many who die of heart attacks have no symptoms, I do believe testing is important, particularly if there is a history of heart disease in your family (it’s in my family line on both sides but I don’t subscribe to the it runs in my family paradigm. However, if you do, all the more reason to take aggressive action).

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