Update on CardioCocktail Results

Follow up to previous post on high-arginine formula for cardiovascular health, called Cardiococktail, that I’m taking

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Cardio Cocktail Update:
To understand this post, you will need to read the earlier ones on my experience. I will be posting a review of this product in March, at the end of a 90-day period of use and after being retested with the Digital PulseWave Analyzer

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I’ve now been taking the CardioCocktail for almost 3 weeks. As I mentioned in the post on January 7, I did develop a fever blister after not having had one for years, which indicated to me that it may be a risk for anyone with any type of herpes, not just ocular or brain herpes. However, I also talked at length about feeling that banning arginine from the diet of anyone who has the normal, non-life-threatening types of herpes such as fever blisters, or HSV-1, might not be wise since arginine is so important for cardiovascular health.

I also discussed the possibility of adding an anti-viral like oregano gel caps, to kill any herpes virus that might be flushed out by the high doses of arginine.

IMPORTANT: I am a self-treating individual and willing to accept responsibility for that decision. the information I am sharing here is my own personal experience and decisions and, in no way, am I suggesting that anyone else take the risks I’m taking.

What I have not discussed yet is my initial concern over the addition of EDTA to this formula. I know that some types of EDTA can, in addition to very successfully removing plaque, chelate out minerals….specifically, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

I strongly feel that this was happening because I began to have leg cramps and restless leg sensations.

When the fever blister erupted, I had a choice to stop taking the product. I chose to keep taking it, at my own risk. I’ve always been sort of a guinea pig for health so I figured a little fever blister wasn’t going to stop me from seeing what the benefits of this formula might be for me.

A little later in my journey with this product, when the other, more troubling symptoms arose, I had to make a more serious decision. When I began having heart palpitations, I first dismissed them as probably the result of hormonal imbalances. I’m perimenopausal and heart palpitations are symptoms of menopause. I had experienced them before.

However, as each day passed, the palpitations got more frequent until they reached a point where I began to be concerned for my health. So, again, I had a choice. Rather than come off the product completely, which is what the company that made it would have suggested I’m sure, had I called them, I decided to half my dose, from one ounce per day to 1/2 ounce.

It worked. Within 24 hours the heart palpitations stopped but I still had a tight feeling around my heart. This went away almost entirely with one dose of Natural Calm magnesium, as did the leg cramps and the restless leg sensations. This was a very strong affirmation to me that I was correct in my feeling that, at least in my particular case, magnesium was being chelated out with the bad stuff. I also bought some organic bananas at Ingles and have instinctively craved a banana sandwich for the past two days, possibly adding back in potassium.


I want to stress once more that I am taking risks because I believe in the direction this company is taking in addressing heart disease. However, I am also fast coming to the conclusion that, if it were my product, I’d be making a couple of important changes:

I’d find a way to make this product available to those with herpes and shingles, and I’d take the EDTA out and have it in a separate product, taken separately, and have enough liquid magnesium added to the cocktail to prevent chelation and deficiency.

Along with this product, I got a tape of some doctors talking about using oral chelation in their therapies and saying that they monitored minerals and had not seen a leaching out of minerals with their oral chelation therapy. At first listen, it sounds like they are endorsing the product but really, that was never said. I believe the chelation therapist on the tape was discussing whatever oral chelation therapy her office used, and not specifically the Cardio Cocktail. I’d be very interested to hear if any studies have been done on this particular formula, specifically checking for chelation of magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Starting this morning, I reduced my dosage yet again to 1/4 of an ounce. I am making these choices instinctively and realizing that a person with serious heart conditions might have a totally different experience than mine. I tested to be in fairly good cardiovascular health, with only normal aging and damage to the arterial walls and loss of strength to vascular flow. I am taking this because I believe I’d be in much better health if I had exercised throughout my life and I’m hoping that this product can help me get energy to do so for the last half of my life.

I’m tempted just to file this as my review of the product but I won’t do that. I’m going to see it through for the 90 days, get retested and then submit my review.

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